DCCC’s Top 10 Alarmist Email Subject Lines

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Castle romeo nuclear explosionThe Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) can tell which way the wind is blowing in 2014, Save Jerseyans. The President is floundering badly and his party’s domination of the U.S. Senate might be a casualty; anticipating the possibility of a wave, the DCCC is doing everything it can to shore up endangered House incumbents and support weak challengers like Aimee Belgard (D-NJ03).

That obviously requires money — lots of money — and they’re trying to bring it in (so far fairly effectively) with some of the most sensationalized and excited spam emails that we’ve ever seen in the political arena. Truly crazy crap! I’m frankly surprised we haven’t seen a War of the Worlds freak-out from less-grounded elements of the Dem base given the content of these things…

Here are my ten favorite (so far); we do have five months left to go:

(10)      “CRIPPLING blow”

(9)          “Painful Defeat” and “DEVASTATING defeat”

(8)          “EVISCERATED”

(7)          “FURIOUS”

(6)          “HORRIFYING”

(5)          “Devastating blow”

(4)          “HUMILIATING”

(3)           “All Hope is Lost”

(2)            “WHOA”

(1)           “doomed”


3 thoughts on “DCCC’s Top 10 Alarmist Email Subject Lines

  1. Since when is a single word an e mail subject line? Cause I’m pretty sure folks didn’t get an email that just said “furious”

  2. I get them almost every day! Send $2 send $3, send money! Devastating!

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