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By Joshua A. Sotomayor-Einstein | The Save Jersey Blog

Dorit Goikhman

Save Jerseyans, you may recall that in June I had the pleasure of debating Dorit Goikhman, Vice Chair of the NJ Libertarian Party and her party’s nominee for the House of Representative in CD 6, in a forum sponsored by the Hudson County Republican Club ( It was a great debate and the questions we asked each other and were asked by the audience were challenging and intellectually provocative.

I’m all about building a big tent GOP family with libertarians inside the Republican Party despite my many reservations with the dominant libertarian approach to foreign policy, so I recently asked Dorit to share with the Save Jersey community a little bit about herself, why she is running, and her campaign. 

The 26 years old attorney and Morganville native had a lot to say. Enjoy…

1. Where did you go to college/law school?

I graduated Rider University with a BA in History in 2008 and Brooklyn Law School with a certificate in Business Law in 2012.

2. What brought you to your involvement with the Libertarian Party?

I am a Constitutionalist first and foremost, and prior to my involvement with the LP, I was comfortable in my belief that Republican candidates were the defenders of constitutional rights. But at some point it became clear that several issues that the GOP generally stands for are simply inconsistent with a constitutional approach. We were born free. Right now, the Libertarian Party is the only party that takes a consistent approach in supporting this concept.

3. As the NJ State Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party, what do you think are the party’s greatest opportunities?

Our greatest opportunities are without doubt with young people and independents. I am 100% confident that the majority of New Jerseyans are libertarians. And that’s because libertarianism isn’t necessarily the complicated philosophy that we make it out to be. It’s actually quite simple. Let’s have as little government as possible, with the goal of maximizing human creativity and ingenuity. Liberty is an easy sell, and it should be. If you point out to young people and independents specific instances of over-regulation, and you can do so consistently across issues, you will find that suddenly everyone you speak to identifies with you.

4. Why are you running in CD6?

While it might sound counter-intuitive for a Libertarian, I wanted to choose a heavily Democratic district. I’m 26. And I plan to be around for some time. So I’m in this for the long haul. This is more than just an election to me. It’s about empowerment. And it’s about discrete groups of voters, the working poor, the young, the vulnerable, who are being told their entire lives that they aren’t capable of greatness, or that a comfortable life just isn’t in the cards for them. Why? Because the wealthy have too much…I’m tired of listening to this complete and utter non-sense while watching two parties have the same debate over and over again to no result. And I think the rest of the country is tired of it too. CD6 reflects an interesting phenomenon. The people of CD-6 aren’t voting pro-Democrat, they’re voting anti-Republican. And it’s not because they want more government, but because they hate Republicans. They hate the pandering. And that’s a demographic I can reach.

5. What are the greatest issues before congress that affect the people of CD6?

Just like anyone else, the people of CD6 are concerned about the economy, about healthcare, about privacy and other issues that affect them close to home. We are also extremely intellectual here in CD6. When it comes to social issues, we are progressive. We want marriage equality and want to raise the standard of living for everyone – including the most vulnerable. I know that the free market is the best way and in fact the only way to correct the dire problems we are facing. And of course we must also take a ‘free market’ approach to social issues. Live and let live, that’s at the core of the libertarian message, and that’s what the people of CD6 want.

6. Which messages do you want your campaign to convey to the voters?

I want to show the voters that there is a way out of the false dichotomy. There are creative solutions out there, but we need to elect creative representatives. I am not trapped in a false mindset, and unlike our current representatives in Congress, I don’t pander. I tell the truth as I see it. And the truth is that the Federal Government is regulating our economy to death. Innovation is possible, but we’ll need to think innovatively.

7. Why are your a better alternative to Representative Pallone for the people of CD6 than the presumptive GOP nominee Anthony Wilkinson?

I am hands-down the best candidate for CD6. I represent all people – not just conservatives, not liberals. I have no interest groups– I just want to bring power back to the people and the states, and I want to make things easier for small business. Republicans talk about such things, but they don’t deliver. If you elect me, you know exactly what you’re getting. I have zero party loyalty and I want the same thing that you want – less government. So I am I’m here with a positive message. It’s for Democrats AND Republicans. Less government, more freedom. How simple is that?

8. As a third party candidate, some people may see you as a side show and some as potential spoiler; what are your thoughts on the role of third parties in general, the Libertarian Party and in particular this election?

I can’t steal any votes that the Republicans haven’t lost already, and the same goes for the Democrats. If the two major parties are so concerned, perhaps they should be more inclusive of creative and liberty-based ideas.

9. Pallone undoubtedly will have a sizable war chest as well as the support of the usual local leftist groups; what is your strategy for electioneering?

I don’t need interest groups, because the people are my interest group. Do I need money? Yes. A lot of it. I’ll be relying on contributions from people, not corporations or special interests. If you want to see a liberty based approach in action, quit the two party paradigm, visit my website, and if you like what you see make a contribution to my campaign. Every dollar contributed will be used to spread the message of liberty here in NJ.


3 thoughts on “Interview with the Libertarian

  1. Asked by me on her fb page to comment on my tax plan, she said nothing. I’m concluding then that Dorit is just another attention grabber running for office too busy to see past her nose. If the situation was reversed, I’d find the time to answer since the ultimate reason for asking was to put together a coalition.
    “Give me your assessment of this tax plan and tell me why you wouldn’t want to be part of a group of candidates coordinating with each other as described below?”

    No income tax, or filing, on incomes under 500,000. A 50% flat tax on income over that – or 50 cents total tax – on $500,001 (or $250,000 on $1 million). For the few filers left, one deduction for charitable donations. A 10-12% national sales tax (NST) added to any state sales tax.

    No Corporate Taxes: Bigger profits, more R and D, the end of most lobbyists, simplified accounting … AND higher stock prices: re-compensating 1) the bugaboo(d) “idle rich” collecting all those dividends and interest -then taxed at 50% on incomes over ½ million. 2) highly paid top management, who’d receive yet higher compensation, due to higher profits, then taxed 50% on personal incomes over ½ million, restoring to the Treasury lost corporate taxes.

    Here’s the key. In my sweeping proposal, a re-invigorated/wealthier middle and upper middle-class pay ABSOLUTELY NO INCOME TAXES, just a consumption tax, or sales tax. We’d open small businesses, invest in stocks, drive up the valuation of everything, including big corporations, in a second round of driving up top managements compensations … taxed at yes, yes, yes: 50% (on personal income over half a million, with first half million free).

    Raise the minimum wage to $12-14 an hour. No corporate or business tax means huge enterprises, like a McDonald’s, and even the small businessman, can pay workers more.

    ​I’m for Single Payer- or Medicare, Universal Health Insurance -and repealing Obamacare. Everyone would be covered and businesses would have no health care expenses. The POTUS supported Single Payer before he was lured by my Republican party into supporting things like a “mandate” to buy health insurance. Discombobulating Single Payer, “no corporate taxes” and a regressive NST (the poor pay disproportionately more sales tax, and are contributing to their health care costs) would take their breath away in Washington! (Single Payer is the government as health insurance provider/middleman). And why wouldn’t we R’s gleefully monitor and seek prosecution of medical insurance “waste, fraud and abuse”? Btw, “illegals” get caught up in this 10-12% NST (National Sales Tax) sweep too.

    Stein for Congress calls on the CBO to crunch these numbers, and the call’s been made. The richest 1% -THE ONLY ONES I’m suggesting pay any income taxes- the ones who already paying the vast majority of income taxes -observe that the poor are paying the NST -are assuaged. THE RICH ARE ASSUAGED! In the end everyone gets richer because EVERYTHING IS SIMPLIFIED.

    A confiscatory 50% income tax on the affluent, combined with a “regressive” NST tax on the poor, is a wash/tradeoff. Everyone has “skin in the game,” taking us the next step: A Balanced Budget Amendment. I’m FOR it. Upward mobility … everyone paying their fair share … everyone with skin in the game.

    In truth, this is one heckuva MASSIVE tax cut on the middle-class! A modest NST, but no income tax. Depending on spending habits, once food, shelter, transportation, education etc, are purchased and the NST paid, 99% of America could work a 2nd and 3rd job, virtually tax free –climbing their way to the $500,000 income tax threshold.

  2. Follow up on my ill advised comment above: Dorit wound up responding to my original query before she ever saw the snarky follow up comment (above), exposing me to be the fake, fraud, phony I’ve tried hard not to be. Notice to whomever: I’m scaling back an future political involvement or attempts to promote ANYTHING at all political related. The average person doesn’t care enough, and I’m obviously burned out and/or a terrible communicator. Apologies again to Dorit. Thanks.

  3. Pallone is consistently ranked in the bottom basement in regards to how he votes towards the Constitution. I feel for the people of CD6, as they have had horrible policies based on their Congressman. It doesn’t help that over the years, the GOP has put up RINOs and Neo-cons to run against Pallone. It is a no brainer for the people of CD6 to vote for Ms. Goikhman if they want to have limited and small government.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dorit Goikhman a few months ago. She has a positive attitude, great policies, and brings ideas to the table that could turn some things in Washington. Because of her youth, Dorit has a real shot of getting the younger crowd out to vote. Her supporters (including myself) are very excited for the opportunity that lies ahead. She is a genuine person with fresh ideas.

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