2nd Poll Finds Booker Under 50%

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By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Booker-Corzine-Obama-and-Weinberg43% to Republican nominee Jeff Bell’s 23%, Save Jerseyans (click here to read the full report/data tables).

Here are some more details from Patrick Murray’s Monmouth Polling Institute:

“When asked whether Booker should be reelected, 44% of New Jersey voters say he deserves another term while 35% say it is time to have someone else in that Senate seat. Four months ago, a solid majority of 55% said that Booker should be reelected. The number of voters who say it is time for someone new, though, is basically the same as it was in February (33%). The shift in support for Booker has come from those who previously said he deserved reelection but now say they are unsure – 21%, up from 12% in February.”

A June 19th Rasmussen poll found Booker leading Bell 48% to 35%.

What explains the Twitter Senator’s weaker-than-normal polling position?

Obama, and Obamacare.

Only 45% of New Jersey voters approve of their President as opposed to 51% who disapprove; this is in a state, in case you’ve forgotten, that voted for him over Mitt Romney by nearly 18-points in 2012. Obamacare itself is even less popular with just 42% approving and 52% disapproving.


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