The Wiz Redefines Hypocrisy

By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog

Wiz on NBCIsn’t it amazing how the Democrats are trying their hardest leaving no stone un-turned, Save Jerseyans, all in order to implicate Governor Chris Christie in the George Washington Bridge lane closures?

They talked awfully tough. Democratic New Jersey Assembly Deputy Speaker John Wisniewski had said the integrity of the governor’s office was in question and that Christie had a lot of explaining to do. Now, ironically, it’s Wisniewski whose credibility is seriously being called into question…

“I do not believe the governor called the Port Authority and said, ‘Close some lanes.’ But I did say I hold him responsible for the atmosphere. Now finding that that atmosphere existed in his own office is what I find really troubling,” Wisniewski declared in Bridgegate’s early days.

He’s not evenly applying his own standard.

Amy Handlin of Middletown, a Republican state legislator, is calling for an investigation of allegations made by Jersey City police chief that Democratic Mayor Steve Fulop ordered traffic stops outside the Holland Tunnel. Handlin wants to subpoena both Mayor Fulop and Chief Cowan.

Chief Cowan alleges that Mayor Fulop called off plans for the Holland Tunnel traffic stops and then ordered the chief to inspect trucks at the Global Container Terminal, owned by Port Authority.

Those inspections caused hours of gridlock inside the terminal on Nov. 19th, 2013. Fulop’s office contends said inspections were part of a citywide traffic safety initiative.

The Wiz’s selective interest (or lack thereof) is likelyintended to avoid hindering Mayor Fulop’s chances of running for higher office. Predictably, Fulop says he’s focused on Jersey City and that rumors are just gossip for political reporters.

The hypocrisy is what offends me, Save Jerseyans. Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski, one of several Democratic co-chairs of the committee handling the GWB lane closures, said Handlin is “grandstanding” by asking the committee to investigate Fulop and Cowan, who faces an impending demotion.

“Right now we have an allegation by an employee who was demoted, that’s all we have,” Wisniewski admitted. “Until there’s something more than that, what the committee is going to do is focus on the work we started on.”

Can you believe the nerve of that guy? Of course you can! Accusing someone else of grandstanding, trying to make a name for themselves, when he’s spent the past several months attempting to discredit the governor without any proof that Christie had any knowledge of the lane closures?

The same Assemblyman who now wants to simply ignore allegations against the Democrat Mayor of Jersey City.

The GOP needs up the ante and stand behind Handlin, if for no other reason than to reveal this hypocritical charlatan for who he really is much like Rudy Giuliani did months ago.