Christie to Raise Cash Over Eggs for MacArthur

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Jon Runyan (center) watches Gov. Christie answer questions at a NJ-03 town hall meeting.
Jon Runyan (center) watches Gov. Christie answer questions at a NJ-03 town hall meeting.

Governor Chris Christie is stepping up his in-state fundraising this cycle, Save Jerseyans, and the latest beneficiary will be the Republican candidate fighting to retain this year’s most competitive Garden State House seat: Tom MacArthur.

He’s heading to Toms River on Thursday morning for a breakfast at the Route 9 Ramada hotel; it’s happening between out-of-state fundraising trips on behalf of RGA-backed candidates. Next up in the coming weeks: North Carolina, South Carolina and a trade mission to Mexico.

MacArthur opponent Aimee Belgard, one of the only non-incumbents in modern Congressional history to dodge debate challenges, dropped her own e-mail fundraising appeal on the eve of Christie’s Ocean County visit. “Governor Chris Christie’s coming to the district in just 24 HOURS,” it reads. “Why? He plans to rake in thousands of dollars for Aimee’s radical right-wing opponent.”


4 thoughts on “Christie to Raise Cash Over Eggs for MacArthur

  1. I think she is still reeling from Dom Girodano’s remarks that hit home about her not knowing why she is running and she cannot afford anymore embarrassments but TOO LATE!!

  2. I don’t understand why anyone would give to the MacArthur campaign. He’s already given the campaign a $3 million loan and has publicly stated he will spend whatever it takes to buy this seat in Congress. So anyone who sends money is just putting more cash in MacArthur’s personal coffers to pay back the “loan.”

  3. Attendance at the pancake fest lets them compile a list of “donors” to support the appearance/arrival/use of funds.for ELEC – a la Birdsall Engineering. Self-funding, yet “Let them eat 1000 dollar pancakes”..

    Who spends 3 million for a job with a 2 year contract at 175k a year? Someone with an anticipated ROI “by other means” – that’s who.

    TOM, are you going to call back the Veterans in Willingboro who invited you to debate?

    You’re already late to RSVP.

    You wouldn’t blow off the veterans, would you?

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