Bursting Another Tom Moran Bubble

7 thoughts on “Bursting Another Tom Moran Bubble

  1. I agree we have a “weak” president. His foriegn and domestic policies are disastrous. In my opinion he is even weaker than the ” peanut farmer”given he’s had twice as long to screw things up. All that aside the real problem here is journalism doesnt exist anymore and opinionism reigns supreme and the voters are the ones who lose because they cant make an unbiased informed decision.

  2. ^unbiased decisions would be those that deem all D’s as incompetent boobs and all R’s as saviors to the republic. Obama’s foreign policy is like Bush but on steroids. You want war and drone strikes like Bush? You have them in spades with Obama…pakistan, yemen, syria, lybia, games in the ukraine, and funding ISIS to overthrow Assad in Syria, funding al queda to beat Quaddafi in Libya. Although he has Bush beat because GW only invaded Afghanistan and Iraq but he did do drone strikes in Pakistan

    hate Obama’s big government at home? so then you must LOVE the DHS, NSA expansion, the Patriot Act, Medicare Part D, and No Child Left Behind, TARP and the auto bailouts…you know because an Republican signed those into law

  3. There are more jobs because it takes 40 people at 29 hours to do the same work as 29 people working 40 hours.

  4. No. To me unbiased means news media calling it down the middle like their supposed to. If Obama F’s up I want to see it on MSNBC without the softening blow of “fluff” that will come with it. Same goes for FOX news and any republican. As far as I’m concerned ALL politicians are narcisistic liars. They dont do the job because they feel its their civic duty. They do it because their egos allow them to think they are the ones who can make a difference. Then their egos get played upon and they fall into the machine. If Tom Moran is lying, stretching the truth or ommiting facts then he’s doing his readers a disservice. Period.

  5. Moron is a dinosaur. He is little more than a leftover, 60’s ideologue that cares more about political ideology than facts.

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