Anti-Colonialism Aside, Obama Endorses U.K. via Twitter

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Colonialism Défense de Rorke's DriftPresident Barack Obama is an ideological guy, Save Jerseyans. No one disputes that. And his far-left worldview makes him predisposed to blame most of the world’s problems on the colonial powers (and their progeny – like us). Consider his ill-fated backing for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammad Morsi in Egypt. Morsi’s predecessor was propped up by western powers (primarily us) and, to the President, that meant he was worthy of deposition. Look how that turned out.

So was the President mugged by global reality (or taking leave of his instincts) prior to tweeting THIS:

The world’s least likely Anglophile? Talking like this could’ve gotten him kicked out of the faculty lunchroom at U. Chicago.

Don’t worry, Lefties. He doesn’t believe that. But it’s an accurate statement and the official White House line before today, just previously unspoken by POTUS in such direct terms. I’m just not sure whether the President of the United States is a help or a hindrance if you’re an undecided Scottish voter who doesn’t want to be told how to live by Westminster, let alone Washington?

Scotland isn’t a colony. The U.K. remains, however, the empty-nest parent of the world’s largest families of former colonies. I’d argue that that’s been a net positive for the globe; the British contributed a constitutional tradition and free market economics to every corner of the globe. That’s a lot more than we can say for their former colonial competitors.

Still, a United Kingdom is hardly the kind of thing that President Obama would’ve seen as a net positive before, like, five minutes ago

Isn’t remarkable that we still don’t really know this guy almost three-quarters of the way through his tenure? Other than bits and pieces from his past which don’t exactly put our suspicions to rest? Where Scotland is concerned, I don’t know what this reversal tells us about a President who ran in 2008 on a platform of ending the Iraq War and radically altering America’s role as world superpower but now, over the last few years, finds himself justifiably accused of hypocrisy by the Right and betrayal by the Left.

We do know he thinks foreign policy can be successfully executed via Twitter. #bringbackourscotland?

We also know that liberals remain tone deaf when it comes to morality and national interest, the only two things that should matter (and be balanced) when America engages the world. But since liberals abhor any moral code which isn’t relativistic, and owing to the fact that they don’t always think the United States succeeding is a good thing, their support for Palestine and Egyptian Islamofacists but not Scottish independence supporters and Russian-invaded Ukranians all seems a bit… confused?

The only thing that’s certain: it doesn’t tell us anything good. Ask Russia. Or North Korea. Or China. Or ISIS. Or any of the other reliable belligerents who are acting up and pushing limits as the White House dithers and the United Kingdom fades.


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