Booker confuses “vision” and delusion

Booker confuses “vision” and delusion

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Look: I get that the Democrat Party needs something to celebrate right now, Save Jerseyans. Desperately. I remember how it felt after Election 2006! The emotional scars will never heal.

Cory Booker (D-Twitter) and the rest of his fellow Dems might want to rethink popping the champagne cork over this one:

I’m not in the business of helping Democrats with their campaign messaging but seriously, they’re really screwing the pooch here… I almost can’t help it…

It’s a pathetically stupid deal. Let’s set aside the never-ending scientific debate for a moment: the product itself is essentially non-binding and it will almost certainly get canned by Congress. It’s not hard to see why; not only would compliance seriously and negatively impact America’s economy as a general matter, but the aggressive Chinese leadership gets a 15 year extension (as they manipulate currency and hack systems with impunity to expand their Pacific shadow empire) AND, as we fall further behind our growing trade competitor due to self-imposed handicaps, the worst impacted U.S. states will be big battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

If you’re concerned about anthropocentric  global warming/change/whatever we’ll calling it this week, then you can’t be okay with the world’s largest producer of CO2 (China produces almost double what we do) getting a pass for 15 years! I mean, Al Gore promised the planet would be scorched by then…

Moreover, does the President really want to start out 2015 on THAT note while simultaneously killing the job-generating Keystone XL Pipeline?

Maybe the lame duck-in-chief does! His arrogance feeds his tone-deafness. But his party certainly shouldn’t heading into another federal election cycle. The President’s “vision” is really a dangerous delusion that could do further damage to his hobbled and humbled coalition. They can’t even call it anything other than a “vision” (e.g. progress, step forward, whatever) because, as I explained, China doesn’t have to do anything! Don’t say you weren’t warned, Dems…


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