Walker: “That’s why I love him”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Scott Walker and Chris Christie saw their interests closely-align in Election 2014, Save Jerseyans, but now that the RGA’s historic night is in the rear view mirror, the realities of presidential primary politics are inescapable.

“Chris and I are a lot alike, we like to be bold, we like to speak out,” the Wisconsin Governor shared on MSNBC’s Friday edition of Morning Joe when asked to comment on Governor Christie’s temperament. “The only difference between him and I is I have a little bit of Midwestern filter.”

“That’s why I love him,” he continued. “He’s straightforward, he tells it like it is. I like to tell it like it is, I just tell it in Midwestern terms, which is a little bit different than maybe what works on the East Coast.”

One of the nicest contrast statements I’ve ever seen! From a guy who would likely compete with Mike Huckabee for first place in the Iowa Caucus? Watch: