N.J. House and Senate Results

N.J. House and Senate Results

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Tom MacArthur (R, NJ-03) delivers his victory speech in Toms River.
Tom MacArthur (R, NJ-03) delivers his victory speech in Toms River.

No surprises last night in Garden State at the federal level, Save Jerseyans, at least in terms of who won. Some of the GOP margins were impressive consistent with the Republican “wave” that did, in fact, ultimately materialize…

Here are the unofficial totals for all N.J. 2014 federal races (Senate and House):


U.S. Senate:

Cory Booker (D): 56% – 956,783

Jeff Bell (R): 42% – 717,173

U.S. House:

1st District: Donald Norcross (D) 57.0% (81,911) Garry Cobb (R) 39.9% (57,331)

2nd District: Frank LoBiondo* (R) 61.8% (103,953), William Hughes (D) 36.9% (62,110)

3rd District: Tom MacArthur (R) 54.7% (95,166), Aimee Belgard (D) 43.6% (75,972)

4th District: Chris Smith (R) 69.0% (78,016), Ruben Scolavino (D) 30.0% (33,906)

5th District: Scott Garrett* (R) 55.7% (100,355), Roy Cho (D) 43% (77,559)

6th District: Frank Pallone* (D) 61.9% (59,224), Anthony Wilkinson (R) 37.0% (35,244)

7th District: Leonard Lance* (R) 59.3% (102,919), Janice Kovach (D) 38.7% (67,253)

8th District: Albio Sires* (D) 77.3% (57,954), Jude Tiscornia (R) 19.1% (14,315)

9th District: Bill Pascrell* (D) 68.4% (76,690), Dierdre Paul (R) 30.3% (33,918)

10th District: Donald Payne Jr.* (D) 85.4% (93,395), Yolanda Dentley (R) 12.7% (13,842)

11th District: Rodney Frelinghuysen* (R) 62.6% (105,506), Mark Dunec (D) 37.4% (63,070)

12th District: Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) 60.6% (86,578), Alieta Eck (R) 36.9% (52,672)

12 thoughts on “N.J. House and Senate Results

  1. Thank God for the South because NJ is a lost cause. The exodus of Conservatives out of the state will continue. New Jersyeans seem to be clueless about how and where their tax dollars are going, and It seems too many people in this state are just clueless about issues. They are too easily swayed by personalities and emotions, living in their own self absorbed little bubbles.

  2. Everyone in the Country saw what has been going with the Liberal agenda…..except NEW JERSEY. It seems the liberals devastate a state then move on to a red state, devastate that state, then move on. The liberalola is growing in New Jersey, and ruining it. Thank you to Gov Christie who supports the dems. He gave Booker the election and did not campaign in South Jersey so he would not go against the Democrats. The USA should look at NJ bad politics and abuse of power. Served on a platter held by Christie. This is not reaching across the aisle. It is purely devastating everything you said you believed in for the King of South Jersey…a human pariah.

  3. Could not agree more Eliz! The state is severely corrupt and the people have no say in who their candidates are. They have been hand selected by the puppet masters in both parties and the people of this state continue to allow it. That is why our elected officials remain so liberal on both sides, with the exception of Garrett and Smith. Isn’t funny how they being the most Conservative continually have bigger margins than the moderates? Chris Christie has taken us more to the left of center instead of pulling the left more to the right of center which he should have been trying to do. He has gained nothing, but lost more. These Republicans that have just been elected were hired to take America back, not to go and work with Obama or the Democrats. Seems Republicans are always giving something away to the Dems and never getting anything back in return. We need more strong willed Constitutional Conservatives or nothing will ever change. Elections will keep swinging back and forth due to a frustrated electorate who never seem to get what they were promised. Crony Capitalism is the cancer.

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