Christie: Presidential Decision “Sometime Next Year”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Gov. Chris Christie may prove to be the single biggest winner of Election 2014, Save Jerseyans, and he proudly let the mainstream media feed that perception during a marathon Wednesday morning talk show blitz.

An RGA morning-after memo credited decisions made long before Labor Day. “These early investments helped to fundamentally change the landscape of the race and ultimately led to victory,” opined Phil Cox, the RGA Executive Director. “In Ohio, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Iowa, our incumbent governors went from single-digit leads earlier this year to healthy double-digit leads, thanks, in part, to the RGA’s early investment.”

He had put everything on the line, gambled on long-shot races in MD and MA, dodged media-fed attempts to create distractions and walked away with a net GOP gain of governor’s mansions. Still think he can’t win the GOP primary? Fine. But it’s impossible to argue that his narrative got anything but better after last night’s results.

When will a decision be made? I’m hearing tons of stuff here on the ground (as I’m sure you are) but the Guv still isn’t coughing up any hints:

11 thoughts on “Christie: Presidential Decision “Sometime Next Year”

  1. Great, let’s put Sweeney or Fulop in the Governor’s seat and have a Progressive Idiot Legislature trifecta.

  2. The question becomes can he win the nomination, not if he is running. I believe him to be running. And that is very interesting considering Scott Walker’s big win yesterday. Make no bones about it, it was a big win for Scott. Is Scott going to run, no one knows either. But Walker’s record in Blue Wisconsin certainly compares better than Christie’s. And I think Iowan’s would love a strong Midwestern candidate with great accomplishments compared to someone from N.J. with only a fair record of accomplishment. And, as of mid October, Chris’s Iowa numbers are not good. If he doesn’t come out of Iowa with a win, would he do well in New Hampshire to set his campaign on fire. Or would a split of those two states be enough to propel him on to enough early wins in the Southern Primaries where Perry might sell better this time. I doubt not Christie would make it out of the South with a campaign to continue. My comments are about the reality of the map, not about issues. Issues complicate it for Christie, especially in the south. One man’s opinion, for what it’s worth. Personally, I’d like to see the Governor as the US Attorney General.

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