Dictatorship is Never Tolerable

By Joe Schilp | Joe’s Blog

KING OBAMAYears ago, I predicted that after the 2014 midterm elections, Barack Obama would, after losing the Democrat majority in the Senate, begin acting as no other president in our nation’s great and noble history; that is, he would dictate law without Congress. In stating that he would give amnesty to people who came to America illegally, he has done just that.

I understand why people want to come here, I really do, and I have no problem with people wanting to come – and coming – here. Legally.

When I moved into my home over a decade ago, my neighbors were from the Philippines, Jamaica and Trinidad. They were all hard-working people who came here to become Americans. They learned English and raised their families here.

In fact, where I live, in Middlesex County, NJ, the most frequent last names of the approximately 470,000 registered voters are “Patel,” with 9,383 (up from 7,410 in 2010), “Shah,” with 2,405 and “Rodriguez,” with 2,259.

As you can tell, most of the people mentioned above are probably not multi-generational decendants of European immigrants. And that’s fine, because these are people who came here legally and became U.S. citizens. We welcome them. And if they can do it legally, so can everyone else.

And that brings me to Obama. He’s been setting this up for years, telling us that the system is broken and that everyone agrees that it’s broken. Thus, John Boehner fell into that trap tonight by claiming that they all need to “work together to fix a broken system.” In stating this, Boehner has allowed Obama to dictate terms.

Fact is, the system is not broken because it’s Obama has spent the last six years refusing to enforce immigration law, essentially helping to create the mess we have today. Instead of stating the “we need to work together,” Boehner should have called Obama out, stating that the president had two full years with a Democrat majority in both Houses of Congress that could’ve passed any immigration laws they truly wished to pass and that he has created this mess by refusing to enforce the law for six years.

Why didn’t Democrats rewrite the laws 5 years ago? Because they knew it would cost them their jobs. Now that Obama’s 2014 mid-term elections have passed, he doesn’t care anymore because he hasn’t got any more elections to win; thus, he will now act as he pleases.

He must be stopped because he is setting an awful precedent. If Obama goes through with this, he is opening the door for every president that follows to act as a dictator, which flies in the face of everything for which America stands.

And Obama knows this, which is why he has, for six years, stated that he is not a king and cannot act as one. These statements, as we now see, were all lies meant to deceive Americans and gain their trust.

The only solution is for the House to impeach, and the Senate to convict, President Barack Obama. I know many consider this unthinkable, but dictatorship must not be tolerated, from any president from any party at any time now or in America’s future.

Let’s just hope the Senate realizes this – both Democrats and Republicans – and acts accordingly.

Joe Schilp
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A husband, father and Piscataway resident, Joe Schilp joined the Rutgers University Exercise Science and Sport Studies Department as adjunct faculty member in 2010 after 20 years in the sports and event presentation industry.


  1. Congress, when they come back in Jan, can overturn or nullify Obama’s executive order because it is based on a statute. And they can take it to the Supreme Court. Period! That is what they should do and can do. Anything else short of that is political BS because many in the Republican party on Capital Hill are okay with amnesty, they just do not like the process that Obama has dictated. If they were looking out for the American workers and families that are hurting in this country they would go after the roots of the problem and remove the incentives of what draws the illegals here. Fine the businesses that hire them, demand that the laws on the books be enforced, and build the dam fence. What politician is actually saying this? Where are our leaders? We need to stop electing these tools of the system and start electing real problem solvers outside of the system or we will forever lose our country.

  2. It’s not the issue that’s offensive, it’s the action. Our system of government has been purposely created to ensure compromise. If compromise can’t be reached, the issue is best left unresolved until compromise is achieved. Because elections are rarely mandates. Presidents (and most elected officials) often win with 51-49 margins which means almost as many agree as disagree with the choice. Our founders realized this, and to prevent oppression of nearly 50% of the country by the opinions of a little over 50% of the country, they created separate, coequal branches of government to act as checks and balances. The system is created to ENSURE gridlock until both sides accept that they can’t have everything they want in policy or legislation. This action runs counter to our entire system of government. I offer this; If Mitt Romney had won the election and “decided” that action needed to be taken on tax reform, because compromise could not be reached; if he then “announced” that he will no longer prosecute any taxpayer who makes over 1 million dollars but refuses to submit a return or allow payroll deductions, what would the reaction be?? We just embarked on a very slippery slope toward authoritarianism. And again, I’m not considering the issue itself, because position on the issue isn’t relevant. The action and consequence, however, absolutely is. Anyone who is doesn’t realize this is shockingly uninformed about the greatest system of governance in the history of the world.

  3. Ah yes
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    they Are pathetic
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  4. Although you despise me,
    Mr. Schilp, I agree with what you wrote here and since I am a better person than you are….I will give you a kudos. I agree. If I shot someone down in the street, the police would arrest me. They would not play a chess game in their head and say “hmm…I wonder if there will be a conviction?”…no…they would go through the proper process. If the Senate fails to vote on impeachment, the blood is on their hands.

  5. It’s funny how the “crrraaazzy” tea party is turning out to be right about everything. I don’t see the “damage” I have done, but that’s your opinion. So…when I refuse to support Christie the pandering RINO, I guess you will think I am doing damage. The establishment republicans really need to start listening to the tea party.

  6. Joe Schilp wrote: “The only solution is for the House to impeach, and the Senate to convict, President Barack Obama.”

    Correction: “The only PEACEFUL solution is for the House to impeach, and the Senate to convict, President Barack Obama.”

    Since we all can be pretty sure that Congress with neither impeach nor convict the Kenyan Usurper, that leaves one other option: lock and load…it’s time to water the Tree of Liberty.

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