Opinion: Back Off Black Friday, Sen. Codey!

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog

black fridayWhen it comes to telling businesses when they can or cannot be open on Thanksgiving, Sen. Dick Codey needs to mind his own business. He’s pushing legislation to clamp down on Black Friday and “protect workers” by preventing stores from opening shop before 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

In actuality, the Essex County Democrat acts like a modern-day King Canute standing on the economic-shore commanding the tide of consumer-driven trends to stop. In the end he’ll get swept away by waves of shoppers who think otherwise.

Retailers wouldn’t open their doors on Thanksgiving if consumers didn’t want them open, so blame them. Holiday shopping is one of the massive engines that drive our economy, but Codey’s blue laws will stall it for New Jersey. In the least business-friendly state in America, we need thinking like that like we need a hole in the head. Let the marketplace decide.

His claim that he’s protecting low-wage workers is specious. To them, Thanksgiving hours translate into money in their pockets. Unlike Codey, they can’t afford the luxury of unpaid time off – they’re thankful they have jobs that allow them to work on Thanksgiving.

Per his theory, Codey should be appalled that police, fire fighters and hospital personnel also work on Thanksgiving. Don’t they deserve the day off, too?

New Jersey needs economic and job growth, not Dick Codey’s patronizing attitude.

2 thoughts on “Opinion: Back Off Black Friday, Sen. Codey!

  1. I think his motives are right, but government shouldn’t legislate when or if businesses should be open. That being said, I absolutely detest the trend of opening earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving Day. We have too much crass commercialism in this country as it is. Leave Thanksgiving alone!

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