How Capitalism Saved the Pilgrims (After Socialism Nearly Wiped Them Out)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Every Thanksgiving week, Save Jerseyans, I like to repost Rush Limbaugh’s explanation of how capitalism saved the Pilgrim’s Plymouth Colony… after socialism nearly killed each and every last one of them. The mythologized “Indians brought’em corn and showed mercy” storyline is convenient reductionism of the highest order.

School-age children can’t be blamed for thinking the Thanksgiving holiday came about when gracious, noble Native Americans saved a gaggle of stupid, fanatically-religious Europeans from starving. What’s your excuse?

Yes, Abraham Lincoln was the first to make Thanksgiving a Thursday-in-November thing during the Civil War. Do you have any idea how it really started?

The real story behind the first Thanksgiving is particularly poignant since we’re living in a time when the Left fights and scrapes to exert greater control over our pocketbooks, bank accounts and business ledgers at every bend in the road.

Don’t just give thanks on Thursday. Make a difference. Start a conversation with liberal Aunt Sue and clueless Cousin Ron at the table. Share this video with your family and friends online between courses. Only the truth can set us free: