Pauls Announcing LD2 Assembly Bid

Pauls Announcing LD2 Assembly Bid

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

will paulsOne of Save Jersey’s top possible candidates-to-watch in New Jersey’s Second Legislative District is making it official on Saturday, Save Jerseyans.

Will Pauls (R-Hamilton Twp) is an incumbent Atlantic County Freeholder who primaried and defeated two-term incumbent Joe McDevitt in June 2013 with around 70% of the vote and ultimately won the at-large seat in grand fashion. He’s the Republican President of the South Jersey Building Trades Council (you read that correctly) and a leader of Ironworkers Local 350.

If selected at next spring’s Atlantic GOP convention, Pauls will join the ticket with incumbent Assemblyman Chris Brown (who I interviewed a few weeks ago) in the quest to recapture John Amodeo’s seat from Northfield’s Vince Mazzeo.

The formal announcement will take place Saturday, November 22nd at 11 AM at McCullough’s Emerald Golf Links located at 3016 Ocean Heights Avenue in Egg Harbor Township (a highly-symbolic choice as home of the district’s largest GOP base organization).

Correction/clarification: an earlier version of this story stated that no other candidates had announced; that’s technically true but not 100% accurate since, earlier this month, Atlantic County Freeholder John Risley told Harry Hurley’s radio show audience that he intends to pursue the nomination at the convention (though no formal announcement event has yet been scheduled).


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