Christmas Salvation from Bethlehem to Trenton

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Merry Christmas, Save Jerseyans!

Here’s hoping you and your loved ones are happy, healthy, safe and well-fed as your holiday festivities continue at both ends of the Turnpike and all points in between.

Something worth remembering: the first and most important Christmas miracle occurred approximately 2,000 years ago today, far away in a forgotten, impoverished backwater of the exotic Middle East.

But the second most critical miracle? One which I like to remind our readers of every December 25th? It happened around 1,776 years later smack-dab in the middle of North America’s Eastern Seaboard, right here at the heart of our very own Garden State.

The Christ child saved mankind’s souls; the American Revolution unshackled our minds. We’d live in a very different world without’em:

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