Christie: I’m not “too New Jersey for Iowa”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

At the podium addressing this year’s Iowa Freedom Summit on Saturday, Save Jerseyans, Governor Chris Christie continued a theme from his State of the State address: a nation beset by anxiety.

He also touted his pro-life position (saying he was “living proof” that pro-lifers can win in blue states), criticized the White House for “imperial” behavior, and dismissed any notion that he’s not conservative enough for Heartland voters. “If I was too blunt, too direct, too loud and too New Jersey for Iowa, then why do you people keep inviting me back?” Christie asked, referring to firebrand Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) as his “good friend.”


6 thoughts on “Christie: I’m not “too New Jersey for Iowa”

  1. Christie is political roadkill. Conservatives want nothing to do with him, and his Wall Street Sugar Daddys will turn against him and support Jeb Bush as the only establishment GOP candidate who can defeat Conservatives in the primaries and win the general election. It’s always the same story and has been for years since Ronald Reagan left office. Those who have the money call the tune, and right now the money is with Wall Street, not Main Street.

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