The Pallone Who Cried Wolf?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Frank Pallone
Frank Pallone

I can’t help but wonder: was Frank Pallone voted “most likely to waste everyone’s time on inane B.S.” in High School?

Only if he wasn’t a classmate of John Wisniewski! But it still would’ve been a close call even in that case.

He’s back in the news this week with a letter to the Department of Justice requesting “an independent review” into alleged “breaches of privacy, and possible criminal access and use of data.”

Which breaches? The leak of the late Frank Lautenberg’s E-ZPass records by Bill Baroni and Chris Christie, purportedly in violation of state law.

If Frank is on to something here, Save Jerseyans, then it’ll be a historic first. 

Remember: his last major  attempt to snag Chris Christie in a scandal, by manipulating the mainstream media into pushing an inaccurate story of a non-existent federal investigation regarding the “Stronger than the Storm” ad campaign, yielded nothing but embarrassment for everyone who took him seriously.

“Nobody believes a liar…even when he is telling the truth!” (h/t Aesop).

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