Rooney: “Why didn’t they do anything till now?”

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Our Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney discussed Governor Christie’s decision to conditionally veto Port Authority “reform” legislation – and the criticism he received from arch-antagonists John Wisniewski and Loretta Weinberg for it – this week on Chasing New Jersey, Save Jerseyans, noting that we need to view Trenton Democrats’ reactions through “the prism of politics because we’re dealing with politicians.”

“Loretta Weinberg and John Wisniewski . . . have been in Trenton for about two decades,” Rooney, who has written about Wisniewski and Weinberg’s coziness with corrupt Democrat organizations, opined on the My9/Fox29 news program. “Why didn’t they do anything till now?”

A consistent critic of the legislative Bridgegate investigation, Rooney panned the Wisniewski and Weinberg-led process witch hunt during a prior December 11th appearance, concluding that “from day one, this was about getting Chris Christie.”


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8 thoughts on “Rooney: “Why didn’t they do anything till now?”

  1. preposterous:..The FBI completely mis-read the SONY hack…..Our SEALS screw up regularly….The IRS scandal is a national embarrassment….The SECRET SERVICE is like the Keystone Cops…..Major Military Commanders are being canned for corruption, sexual impropriety yet some of our good career and corrupt NJ legislators (and congressional delegation) get a completely free pass ….but I digressed…..The VP is like a bad stand-up comic….POTUS is a buffoon…..FLOTUS just needs a flock of people to do her hair as her husband kicks military husband/wife off a golf course for their wedding day…. American streets are riot torn by undefined groups that are easily profiled but no one will describe them….American police are vilified beyond imagination…..the Attorney General only represents ‘his’ preferred minorities…..Pennsylvanians elected a governor who has promised, sworn and pledged to raise their taxes…the PA Supreme Court sends dirty pictures to one another and to its employees while the NJ SC has bought for members on the bench…..The Pope is an avowed socialist if not a Communist…big business, such as Comcast-Mircosoft-Google have way tooooo much power….and have we all seem to have forgotten the NSA is recording everything we do everywhere? There is corruption and chaos at all levels of government, our economy remains on the brink despite record high market numbers and steady Christmas revenue…..home defaults, consumer debt and unemployment at all time highs….2014 cannot end fast enuf…the new year will be rung in with a vigor and enthusiasm like cheering the onrushing Cavalry come to save the day. 2015 where are you, and who will be that person to save us (hint: it’s not christie)???

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