Matthews (still) obsessed with Chris Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Never forget, Save Jerseyans: the chronically unbalanced Chris Matthews once crowed that he was “glad” for Hurricane Sandy since it buoyed Barack Obama in the waning, critical days of Election 2012. He’s a loon. Not a credible person (or even a decent human being).

He’s also (still) obsessed with Chris Christie:

2 thoughts on “Matthews (still) obsessed with Chris Christie

  1. In the beginning, people of NJ supported him because he came across as a fighter who wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is. However, it eventually became apparent to some of us that he only fought people like teachers and fire fighters by telling them that they shouldn’t have expected what they were promised. In the background, he was making his own deals with the dark side to further his own ambitions. Creepy? Yes, indeed.

  2. I haven’t trusted him since he called my house in December of 2008 and couldn’t answer my questions. The basis of these was what did he stand for. Then a year later, seeing Democrats from my district getting spoils and not one Republican ever.

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