Christie’s Exxon Mobil deal may not be as bad as reported

By Art Gallagher | The Save Jersey Blog

The Christie Administration has not settled or proposed settling the $8.9 billion lawsuit against Exxon Mobil Corp for only $250 million dollars, as was first reported by The New York Times last week.

According to a high ranking government official who is not authorized to speak for Christie or the Attorney General’s office, under the terms of the proposed settlement which has yet to be approved by Superior Court Judge Michael J. Hogan (Burlington County), Exxon Mobil would be responsible for the cost of clean up and remediation of the Bayway in Bayonne and Linden, in addition to the $250 million which is to compensate New Jersey for the loss of use of the contaminated real estate and marsh lands.

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  1. Confirmed quadruple dipper Assemblyspeaker Vincent Prieto is pissed and sees this as a silver bullet opportunity to ensure a few billion for his retirement funds and tax paid pet projects for his BUDS. Creep

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