Defending the Faith?

By Bill Spadea | Bill Spadea’s Blog

The recent suspension of Catholic school theology teacher Patricia Jannuzzi who expressed her opinion on Facebook regarding gay marriage and the silence of the Diocesan Bishop captures the essence of how far the Political Correctness has spread in society. According to recent reports, the school and Church leaders have distanced themselves from the teacher and it would seem Catholic doctrine as well.

How is it that a Catholic School Theology teacher expressing a view against gay marriage is inconsistent with the “position” of a Catholic school?  Actors and former students are lining up against the teacher in the name of tolerance and inclusion.  It’s difficult to digest that a Catholic school founded on the religious principles of the Catholic faith is demonstrating intolerance of a theology teacher espousing those same views. 

Jannuzzi was left alone to face the media firestorm and the hateful bigotry of those that claim to represent tolerance. She had to bear the brunt of expressing ideas that are well documented in Catholic Doctrine.  Unfortunately, Patricia Jannuzzi has become a victim of a much larger battle waged by the forces of political intolerance who have turned their anger on the basic tenets of Catholic Theology.  Many people supporting traditional marriage, specifically between one man and one woman are labeled intolerant bigots.  This issue is certainly coming to a head as the Supreme Court prepares to decide on the issue of a state’s right to define marriage.  In this highly polarized political atmosphere we’ve heard that opposition to ‘marriage equality’ is ‘hate speech’ that should be punishable by public ridicule, scorn and even a loss of income and security.

How can any Catholic have the confidence to stand up for the teachings of their own Church when the men and women charged with administering to the faithful lack the courage of their proclaimed convictions?  Clearly the Bishop, Monsignor and principal know what Catholic Doctrine states regarding sexuality and marriage.

It’s important to clarify that Jannuzzi’s remarks were made as a defense against an aggressive social media attack on Dr. Ben Carson who made a remark on CNN regarding homosexuality and choice.  She was reacting to vulgar language used by a radical anti-Catholic gay activist Dan Savage.  She was addressing the very aggressive assault on both her beliefs and a prominent public figure supporting those beliefs.

In today’s politically correct society the Church position on sexuality may be a difficult lesson to absorb for sure.  But it is the doctrine of the Church.  Having said that, there is clearly room for discussion in the political realm where a diverse collection of people will make room for many different opinions and lifestyles.  Perhaps if we were discussing a public school teacher one could argue that bringing religious dogma into the classroom would not be appropriate. 

Allowing vulgar, crass anti-Catholic bigots to run roughshod over Catholics courageous enough to actually put in words what the Church has taught for thousands of years is truly destructive to the Church itself.  The Somerville Catholic community should be on guard because recent events have exposed that Church leaders will not be there if and when you call for help.  Instead they may sacrifice you in the name of tolerance, inclusion and sensitivity. 

I understand that these are difficult times for the Church.  Even years later many are still reeling from an unfortunate series of events with a small group of wayward predator priests violating sacred vows and US laws.  But that is no excuse for cowardice that has left a decent, honest and courageous woman out for the PC wolves to tear apart. 

Catholic schools should not be apologizing for their beliefs to radical bullies who want to take down Catholics espousing traditional views.  Bishop Bootkoski has an opportunity to right this wrong.  He should rise to the occasion and lead the flock.  Stand up for the Catholic faith. Stand up to the bullies of political correctness.  Defend the weakest members of the diocese.  Anything less should cost him, Monsignor Brennan and Principal Kline their jobs.

10 thoughts on “Defending the Faith?

  1. Im confused by this; mainly the schools’ inaction and defense of teacher.

  2. The whole premise of this piece is beyond absurd. So, it’s the catholic church who’s the victim of people who have been deprived equal rights and are fighting for what’s fair and just and as a result, are cowering in the corner and throwing a teacher, who’s clearly a bigot, under the bus? What idiocy. Next thing you’re going to tell me is that Bill Donahue is a freedom fighter.

    Furthermore, I certainly hope she’s not an English teacher because she has the grammar skills of a sixth grade C student.

  3. What has happened to the church? This is not the church I thought I was brought up in. I have read that lay “theologians” have infiltrated the church pushing a gay agenda, especially in the universities. They have also recently taken millions of dollars from the federal government to take in and disperse illegals into our societies. And who can forget the massive coverup of Pedophila. It seems we need, and do not have at the moment, a Black Robe regiment. Maybe we can trace the downfall of our country to God’s judgement on our choices.

  4. Did you read the article? The view expressed was one of disappointment that she was not defended by the Church hierarchy for expressing a Catholic view of marriage. Secondly her post was taken out of context as it was in response to a very vulgar and inappropriate social media attack. She’s a theology teacher and if she’s a bigot for discussing the Catholic view on marriage then you must believe that Catholic theology is also ‘Hate Speech’.

  5. What’s happening to the catholic church and religion as a whole is that the more we evolve, progress socially and become better educated, the more irrelevant and obsolete religious dogma becomes. Non-religious is the fastest growing demographic in the country because even people who believe in a god are seeing organized religion for the nonsense it is.

    God’s judgment, LOL, hilarious!

  6. Keep religion in religious marriages and don’t conflate it with civil marriages and we should all follow the 10 commandments and respect our neighbors!

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