UPDATE: #2A activists move forward with attempt to recall Sweeney

By the Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

We first reported on this story exactly one year ago today, Save Jerseyans.

Source: RecallSweeney.com
Source: RecallSweeney.com

UPDATE: On Thursday, a group of #2A activists, advised by operatives who engineered the recall of Colorado’s State Senate President back in 2013, announced that they had formally filed notice with the New Jersey Division of Elections of their intent to recall Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3). 

“What brought us to this point? Continuous failed leadership for over 20 years. The good citizens of The Garden State have had enough,” the activists explained via their website, RecallSweeney.com. “Today the citizenry of NJ start to take back what is rightfully theirs. You are the taxpayers, the commuters, caring individuals, lovers of freedom and opportunity. You will no longer settle for oppression and decades of failed leadership. By the time you read this posting, know that.”

Sen. Sweeney’s relationship with sportsmen and Second Amendment enthusiasts soured post-2013 when the machine Democrat’s designs on a future gubernatorial bid led him to move far left of his rural district’s consensus on gun rights.

Recalling the powerful legislator won’t be easy; thousands of signatures need to be properly collected and filed in a relatively short amount of time. Specifically, after the filing of a notice of intention, the mandated (and massive) 25% LD3 signature requirement needs to be met within 160 days.


3 thoughts on “UPDATE: #2A activists move forward with attempt to recall Sweeney

  1. We can make it an easy climb if we do it together and remove the problem to NJ

  2. The sad truth is that Republican Governor Christie Whitman and a Republican Senate and Assembly destroyed the re-call election process in NJ just over 20 years ago. Although they campaigned against the doubling of state income tax by Democrat Governor Florio with promise of “initiative, referendum and recall” at state level, they refused to approve of initiative and referendum at state level, even though they controlled all branches of government. These Republicans then killed recall by doubling the number of signatures needed on recall petitions. Before, recall petitions needed 25% of “all voters who voted in previous election”. These Republicans changed the requirement to 25% of all voters on books. Since half the voters on books are dead, inactive, or signed up only to get tax or insurance breaks, it means recall petitions need 50% of all active voters–something that is statistically impossible. http://www.libertyandprosperity.org.

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