State Trooper Team arrives in post-riot Maryland

State Trooper Team arrives in post-riot Maryland

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I’ve got no problem with this, Save Jerseyans. Maryland helped us after Sandy, Larry Hogan is a great guy, and it’s good training for our New Jersey State Troopers.

Still, some eyebrows were raised after Governor Christie and Governor spoke on the telephone and the former agreed to dispatch an “assessment team” to Maryland to help the state grapple with

What say you, Save Jerseyans?

Do you agree with Governor Christie’s decision to dispatch a N.J. State Police to Maryland?


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37 thoughts on “State Trooper Team arrives in post-riot Maryland

  1. It’s none of his business, unless requested by the proper authorities. As it is, he’s trying to show that he would be a better president than Obama.

  2. Help was requested by Maryland. The same way we requested help and Maryland sent it after sandy. Its called mutual aid. Pennsylvania sent 300 troopers to Baltimore today. Fairfax county Virginia sent a rescue team to Nepal for the earthquakes. Mutual aid happens daily on a local scale. Stop making something out of nothing. Just because its a big news story doesn’t mean that you have to accuse someone of only doing it for politics. Baltimore needs help.

  3. Everyone who’s crying about NJ sending 150 troopers to Baltimore City to help….

    First, how many of you live in towns where you have your own township police force? Why complain “where are my state troopers gonna be now?” when 9/10 times, the NJSP doesn’t have a presence in your town unless it escalates beyond your twp polices control.

    Secondly, Baltimore, is in Maryland. And Maryland sent state troopers to us, in the wake of Superstorm Sandy (like many other states). This needs no further explanation.

    Thirdly, 150 troopers will not make a dent in the NJSP police force that remains here in NJ.

    Fourthly it’s not “your” tax dollars. There is a federal agreement for this exact type of civil unrest that covers the bill, to boot they are under a state of emergency.

    This is great experience for our troopers to be exposed to God forbid the animals do this in New Jersey.

    My question to you is how many of you simply say “no I don’t support this” because they don’t like Christie?

    Look at the bigger picture. This isn’t about “the guy I like ordered this, so let me say yes”.

    There’s times for THAT to be a factor, this is not one of them.

  4. No problem with it. They came up here and helped us after Sandy. The only difference is that, when the MD PD came up here, they weren’t taking their lives into their hands. I pray our police officers stay safe.

  5. Let Maryland take care of it. They created it. I hate to see one of our officers injured for their mistakes.

  6. I have mixed emotions on this. It’s great to show support for our neighboring states but, if they get injured who’s responsible…?

  7. Wouldn’t you want HelP..but grow balls Maryland..get rid of that mayor….sick of pussies.

  8. I credit you for taking the high ground but if the question was “Should Christie have denied State Police aid to MD?”, I wonder how people would have responded. Where do you draw the line? When there is an out of control fire, should surrounding districts not help? Not my property, not my town, who is paying for it? With that mentality, it’s no surprise we have riots.

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