Quinnipiac Poll: New Jersey wants Menendez to Resign

Quinnipiac Poll: New Jersey wants Menendez to Resign

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

New Jersey voters get it. For the most part.

By a 13-point margin (52% to 39%), Save Jerseyans, they want U.S. Senator Hudson Bob Menendez to resign according to the results of a new Quinnipiac University poll.

menendezOnly 23% believe he’s honest and trustworthy; consequently, those calling for his resignation following a the 68-page, 14 count indictment include 61% of Republicans, 51% of independent voters, and even a plurality of Democrats (46% to 44% in favor).

What I found especially amusing? Only 34% of Democrats think he’s honest and trustworthy, a finding that’s not too much better than among voters generally, but I’d like to meet the Democrats (apparently there were a lot of them) who told Quinnipiac that they think Hudson Bob is not trustworthy but nevertheless do not want him to resign. YOU are “the problem,” morons.

But this is the key finding, Save Jerseyans: like I’ve been saying, N.J. voters seem to get that (1) Bob being guilty, and (2) the indictment being motivated by politics, aren’t mutually exclusive conclusions. 45% percent of voters believe he did something “illegal;” just 8% don’t believe he did anything “seriously wrong,” a tiny percentage that must account for the Senator’s family, friends, staffers, and the state’s mental patient population. 

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  1. Where were they on election day? It’s not like everyone didn’t know he was a crook then.

  2. “Should he resign…”

    Of course. But I don’t think he’s leaving the US Senate unless he’s dragged out in handcuffs, or carried out.

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