Christie ambushed with Eagles chants in Atlantic City

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

What could he do but smile, Save Jerseyans??

But when you consider some of the flack he’s gotten from other quarters recently, some not-too-ugly ribbing from my fellow South Jerseyans over his Cowboyphilia at Wednesday’s grand opening of the Atlantic City Bass Pro Shops store is almost a welcome reprieve from the unforgiving job (and campaign) that dominates his waking hours:

The Governor was infamously overheard judging Eagles fans as the “worst in America” back during last season’s NFL playoffs, a conclusion that our Save Jersey readers will either strongly support or reject given our state’s strong North-South sports split.

Here’s an actual excerpt of his remarks:


John Morris: We want you to have happy feet when you go fishing, buddy. We got you a pair of Bill Dance Fishing Shoes.

Governor Christie: Thank you, Johnny. Thank you. I love the Eagles fans are here, baby. I’m thrilled — Brian, where’s Brian? Get up here, Brian. I love Brian Westbrook. What are you talking about?

Brian Westbrook: Hey, the Eagles fans are here. Let’s give the Governor a chant. Say it with me: E-A-G-L-E-S.

Governor Christie: Thank you everybody. Thank you New Jersey. Thank you Eagles fans. And I want to thank Johnny Morris so much for what he’s done for this country, but also the faith and confidence that he’s shown in New Jersey and in Atlantic City by building and opening this extraordinary place behind me. I’ve been in there already, I know you can’t wait to get in there and I’m one of the only things standing between you and this store. So I’m going to be really brief. I want to thank the mayor for his hard work. I want to thank all the folks here in Atlantic City for their faith and confidence in this place. I’m going to tell Johnny right now: this is going to be one of the greatest investments that Bass Pro Shops has ever made and we are looking forward to working with them and all of you to keep Atlantic City the great place it has always been. Thank you for being here, enjoy the place and thanks for the shoes, I appreciate it.

7 thoughts on “Christie ambushed with Eagles chants in Atlantic City

  1. Dumb. The Filthadelphia Eagles aren’t a NJ team. If people are going to have a problem with what team he cheers on – they should have a problem with him being a Naw Yawk Rags fan over New Jersey’s home team the New JERSEY Devils. But New Jersey has no pride and is why it is considered so outrageous when a New Jerseyan does not to support Naw Yawk Shi.tty or Filthadelphia.

  2. Yup. That’s about the intellect of the state (and the country). Sports, Kim Kardashian, and the newest Apple product are more important than reality.

  3. Hey Gov,I’m from South Jersey I hate the eagles cause they suck,and I vote based on more important issues then a sh!tty football team

  4. If the boardwalk Bullies still played hockey they could’ve been yelling bullies bullies bullies

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