Christie, Walker Trade Snarky Tweets in Green Bay

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Both Governor Christie AND Walker are hanging out at today’s Green Bay vs. Dallas NFC playoff contest, Save Jerseyans. Smack talk is naturally all over social media.

Making light of the New Jerseyan’s controversial visits to Dallas owner Jerry Jones’s box (FYI – he paid his own way this week), Walker tweet a loaded photo from the fan section:

Never one to let anyone else have the last word…

This is presidential primary politics in 2015. We’ve come a long way, Save Jerseyans. Up or down? I’ll let you decide. For now… go Packers!


17 thoughts on “Christie, Walker Trade Snarky Tweets in Green Bay

  1. As a North Jersey girl in her mid 40s, of course, it’s Dallas. That’s what the media is missing in all this anti-Christie rhetoric: cheering for Dallas was what the cool kids did in our generation of North Jersey.

  2. Smart move by Christie either way. Nothing like being on ESPN and national media talking about you for 4 weeks straight….. free media coverage…. smart.

  3. @Sixth Clearest indication to me yet that he’s not running; a guy who wants to win in PA doesn’t say that!

  4. Chris Christie is an embarrassment to himself, the voters who elected him, and the people of New Jersey he supposedly represents. I voted for Steve Lonegan in 2009 and Seth Grossman in 2013 because I knew he was an over-inflated egotist who will always put himself ahead of his Party, his State and his Country.

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