5 Things You’re Missing in (and around) the Menendez Indictment

5 Things You’re Missing in (and around) the Menendez Indictment

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I read through the 68-page, 14 count indictment late last night, Save Jerseyans, and, unsurprisingly, the talking heads analyzing Bob Menendez’s indictment are missing some BIG plot points.

Here are my initial offerings for you to peruse at your leisure while Hudson Bob heads to court this afternoon:

(1) Reconcile yourselves to the fact that Hudson Bob is likely guilty AND a victim of political retribution. This isn’t a zero-sum game, Save Jerseyans. There’s no question that the act of bringing of these charges was politically motivated; it’s almost comically sloppy (and infuriatingly arrogant)  how the DOJ announced no charges against IRS Grand Inquisitor Lois Lerner on the same day that Bob’s indictment dropped. But that does not mean the charges aren’t substantive. I think they are. What it tells us, depressingly, is that the Obama Administration sits on this kind of information to use as leverage. Consider the statistics. At his Wednesday night presser rally, Senator Menendez asked us all to remember the indictments that did NOT result in conviction. That’s not going to be easy. In 2010, federal prosecutors had a 93% conviction rate. Between 2002 and 2008, U.S. Attorney Chris Christie achieved guilty pleas or convictions form 130 New Jersey public officials without a single acquittal. Bottom line: as a general matter, federal prosecutors don’t take the plunge unless they’re pretty certain there’s water in the barrel.

obama corzine menendez(2) Menendez already admitted to a degree of guilt back in 2013. Here’s one fact that NO one can dispute: We first learned of a federal investigation back in 2013; at that time, Menendez reimbursed Salomon Melgen in the amount of $58,000 for 2010 plane trips. At the time, Menendez attempted to explain his failure to disclose the trips as a mere “oversight.” We laughed at him. Now no one is laughing. Those oversights form the basis of Count One. Oversights which, by the way, occurred long before Menendez accused the Obama Administration of using Tehran’s talking points. Why reimburse someone for a perfectly ethical, legal gift? Not the best jumping off point for an effective defense…

(3) The worst corruption in this tale is only tangentially related to free flights and lobsters. Yes, the allegations pertaining to luxury beach villas, Paris hotel rooms, and mysterious Ukrainian girlfriends are fun. Our senior senator was turning political tricks for AmEx points! Still, while serious, they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Medicare fraud costs the Americans taxpayers billions of dollars annually. That’s billion with a “B,” folks. And was Bob Menendez helping facilitate it?? Perhaps. The indictment alleges that Senator Menendez used his staff and even enlisted the assistance of the retiring Harry Reid to help his co-defendant, Dr. Melgen, get out of a loomin $8.9 million fine (FYI – Melgen was the nation’s top Medicare billing doc, raking in more than $20 million in one year). Menendez reportedly lobbied the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on Melgen’s behalf only days after the Democrats’ Majority PAC received a 6-figure donation from Melgen’s company. So not only is Hudon Bob quite probably a crook, Save Jerseyans, but he’s also scamming taxpayers and further straining our nation’s outdated and rapidly-imploding entitlement system.

bob menendez bill clinton(4) Other big name Democrats helped Menendez. Could more shoes drop? If we had a real media, Save Jerseyans, there would be little doubt about it. DHS and other key government agencies/players were all close to this. Reid’s involvement is spelled out in the indictment; there’s little doubt he’ll likely be on the witness list if U.S. vs. Menendez goes to trial, adding fuel to speculation that the causation behind his decision to retire was more complex than an exercise accident. Unfortunately, it looks like Senator Menendez’s cash for favors business wasn’t isolated to helping his buddy, Dr. Melgen. Are you familiar with the story of Estefanía Isaías, Bob Menendez, and the campaign cash scheme that could topple Hillary Clinton?? Click here and prepare to have your mind blown. The rabbit hole goes DEEP…

(5) New Jersey Democrats are now openly experiencing a schism with their own Democrat president. For the moment, we’ll set aside the obvious hypocrisy of all of these Democrats talking about Bob Menendez’s “presumption of innocence” when they were signing a very different tune when Bridgegate broke. Today, they’re tripping over themselves to #StandwithBob. Tomorrow? Whose side will they ultimately choose? New Jersey’s Senior Senator wasn’t indicted by John Ashcroft; this is Eric Holder’s DOJ! And Bob Menendez is now openly accusing Holder’s Department of Justice of political retribution. Will the flock scatter if Menendez, desperate and alone, begins naming names? We’ve all seen Cory Booker fold like a beach chair under Administration pressure. I, for one, am riveted by the dynamic at work here and can’t wait to find out what happens.

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  1. Additionally, any time, effort, or influence spent on behalf of his “friend” was time, effort, and power of office that was rightfully due to be used on behalf of the people of New Jersey. If the doctor had been a constituent, there might be an argument. As a non-constituent donor, it is far more clear cut.

  2. Perhaps the most pressing part of this indictment is the misuse of the office of Senator. Using his position as a bully pulpit to force favorable change for his friends. Using our time and money to affect your personal friends and friends of your party. This is going to sound cliquiest; WHEN WILL OUR POLITICOS HONOR THEIR OATH. The Oath to the people, NOT THE PARTY!

  3. The first point is likely true. While the Justice Dept should go after anyone suspected of wrongdoing, I think Holder got the green light to go ahead with the case in retribution for Menendez not playing ball with Obama on immigration reform and on Iran. Bob can cry witch hunt all he wants, but will it matter considering the breadth and scope of the charges against him?

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