Kean’s caucus isn’t taking an off-cycle for granted

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

They’re not on the ballot this year, Save Jerseyans, but the New Jersey GOP Senate caucus is trying to advance the conversation in Trenton with a 36-bill jobs package unveiled last Thursday.

tom kean
Kean (second from left) flanked by Senators Beck (left), Allen (second from right) and Singer (right).

The added bonus? Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean Jr. and his colleagues say it’s budget neutral, meaning the 36 bills won’t cost the taxpayers an extra dime. Now there’s something you don’t see every day…

“In an age when officials in Trenton like to talk a lot about jobs, Senate Republicans have been actually bringing job-creating and economic growth solutions to stakeholders, employers, entrepreneurs, educators and innovators in all corners of the state and from diverse backgrounds,” said Kean at the roll-out press conference. “We’re excited that many of the cost-neutral jobs solutions we’ve unveiled over the past several months have already garnered bipartisan sponsorship and votes, as well as the support of various representatives of the business and higher education community. We’re now trying to accelerate this momentum to finish the job for New Jersey families and people in the workforce.”

Click here to view a full list of the package.

Proposals include everything from digitizing permit forms and other documents for New Jersey businesses to permitting businesses eligible to participate in the Business Employment Incentive Program to opt to receive corporate or gross income tax credits in the absence of available grant funds.

Do the 36 bills add up to the value of a 10% tax cut? No, but it’s a starting point until circumstances or politics change the legislative landscape.

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