The dumbest Cory Booker tweet to date? You decide…

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I’d never accuse Cory Booker (D-Twitter) of being stupid, Save Jerseyans. He’s done well for himself. I will, however, charge and convict him of dumbing down the debate.

Exhibit #49650 is this exchange:

Good grief. I’ll never understand people that are more interested in being nice (or having people think they’re nice) than correct

Look: we’ve been over this point. Roughly 6 to 7 million of America’s approximately 12 million illegal immigrants came into the country through illegal entry which IS a federal crime punishable by fines AND incarceration. That’s distinct from unlawful presence (e.g. expired visas) for which there are civil remedies, including fines and deportation. So “illegals” is an entirely accurate label whether you like it or not. Deny it and you’re either pandering or lying.

You support amnesty? Cool. We may disagree, but if you’re honest about it and put a proposal on the table, at least we’re having a discussion; don’t run for U.S. Senate and then spew gobbledygook.

Illegal Immigration SignBut to want what’s best for the country you kind of have to believe in a country… right?

“Why should love stop at the border,” Senator? How ’bout because we’re running a nation of laws, not a charity for the world, and the basic definition of a country is “a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory.” If we ignore our own laws and borders… what are we? And what’s the point? We can go ahead and disband the Supreme Court, replacing it with a…. drum circle? Maybe Hootsuite?

Does he know how DUMB this stuff is???

Then again, I don’t know what I expected in terms of a productive debate from a guy whom his supporters love precisely because he doesn’t say anything. Stupid, as it turns out, is politically marketable in 2015 provided you can get it across in 140 characters. God help us….

8 thoughts on “The dumbest Cory Booker tweet to date? You decide…

  1. I would assume that someone who studied law would understand the law. But then again, I forgot liberal lawyers don’t act and interpret the law, they manipulate it to their favor. I used to like Cory booker, now he’s become a lapdog to the liberal elite. Remember when the liberal elite told booker that he needs to know his place, when he suggested he wanted to challenge Lautenberg for his seat? A supposedly “rich old white man” that the liberals hate so much. Now look at him, not only standing in line, knowing his place, but dumbing down in the process.

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