More Morris Drama: Arango says Cesaro should switch parties while Pennacchio embraces whole ticket

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

It’s going to be a long close to Primary Day in Morris County, Save Jerseyans.

Mere hours after Republican County Chairman John Sette took the extraordinary step of endorsing one slate over another in an open primary, both tickets hung their hats on new endorsements from significant names in statewide GOP politics.

arango“I strongly believe in John Cesaro and the great job he is doing as Freeholder,” said state Senator Joe Pennacchio, endorsing the entire Morris First slate for the first time when previously he had only openly backed its leader, incumbent Freeholder John Cesaro. “During the course of this campaign, I have gotten to know, respect and appreciate his two running mates, Christine Myers and Angelo Tedesco. The Morris First team has my full support.”

Meanwhile, N.J. Republican “Chair of Chairs” Joe Arango of Hudson County weighed in on the intra-party conflagration to support his colleague, Sette, by taking square aim at the Morris First ticket and endorsing the “Morris Conservative Team” comprised of Freeholder Dave Scapicchio, Freeholder John Krickus and Denville Councilwoman Deborah Smith.

“The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for inserting their special interest funds into a Republican Primary election,” Arango opined in a Wednesday evening statement. “But more disappointingly, Cesaro, Tedesco, and Myers should switch to the Democratic Party if they think accepting funds from shadow Democrat groups is the way to win the confidence of the hardworking citizens in Morris County. Democrats have taxed and spent their way into irrelevancy, and have no success to speak of at the county level in Morris County.”

“I fully support Chairman John Sette and his endorsement of the Krickus, Scapicchio and Smith Team,” Arango concluded.


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