Don’t make fun of Jenner’s body but Christie’s is fair game

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie helped raise money at a celebrity Yankees baseball game for the NYPD on Wednesday night, Save Jerseyans. The Big Guy was able to set aside his Mets-philia for the evening, and he even got a hit at bat (a fly out to left field):

It should’ve been a home run, but that’s not the world Chris Christie inhabits anymore. The entire Internet is making fun of his form-fitting baseball pants today. One particularly unflattering photo is going viral.

Keep in mind that this the same digital lynch mob that just gave everyone a ream of crap for making fun of the artist formally known as Bruce Jenner.

Why doesn’t Chris Christie get a Vanity Fair cover for his “bravery” here?

Frankly, I don’t care what anyone says about anyone else within reason. We live in a free country, and if there’s one thing that this country has in overabundance at the moment, it’s sensitivity. I just wish these cultural commentators would admit they’re all partisans, and full of shit, when they pretend to care about stuff like “tolerance,” “anti-bullying” and “healthy body image.” They clearly don’t as evidenced by the coverage of Chris Christie’s… pants?


37 thoughts on “Don’t make fun of Jenner’s body but Christie’s is fair game

  1. I cant stand Christie and I am a conservative!! However, you are correct about the double standard!! Freedom of speech only applies if you agree with the Liberals are saying!!!! In their delusional mind!!!

  2. The left is obsessed with other peoples’ sex lives. They should get out of the bedrooms of others.

  3. Christie is unbeatable for sportsmanship, hands down!! Should be more ashamed of yourself that he worked every single day while you’re high on weed or shoot up…
    As for Caitlin or Bruce, so same sick of his whiny and starving attentions like rest of the stupid Kardashian clan!!!
    Bravo to Christie!!!

  4. Bruce Jenner does not want to run the Country in 2017 and cannot control or does not know what his people are doing i. e. “Bridgegate” and Bruce would never let Atlantic City go down the drain! And a short Morbidly Obese President would not be a good Image for the USA, Period!

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