Garrett: SCOTUS is “rubber stamp for the administration”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

garrettWhile most D.C. Republicans were relatively constrained in their reactions to today’s extremely disappointing and shockingly nonsensical King v. Burwell decision, Save Jerseyans, New Jersey’s Scott Garrett (R-5) didn’t hold back. We’d expect nothing less.

“New Jersey families continue to suffer from ObamaCare’s heavy-handed approach to health care that has done nothing but increase costs, limit choice, and put barriers between patients and their doctors. With their ruling, the Supreme Court has redefined the plain language and meaning of the law—essentially ensuring that there are no longer limits on government power,” Garrett observed in a statement. “Now that the Supreme Court has proven they are a rubber stamp for the administration, it’s obvious that Congress must keep its promise to the American people and repeal this unworkable law once and for all.”


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  1. Who has what information on whom? If you can be blackmailed, you should not be in a position to “preserve and protect” our nation and its laws as the oath demands.

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