UPDATE: Sweeney-inspired ordinance advances in West Deptford

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

west deptfordLate update: An ordinance designed to stop pro-2A pickets in front of Senate President Steve Sweeney’s home, first reported here at Save Jersey, will get a final vote next month after a party-line 3-to-2 vote in West Deptford on Wednesday evening.

It’s unclear whether protests will continue in the interim prior to the July 15th meeting.

It’s also unclear whether the ordinance‘s broad “property line” yardstick, and especially limiting protesters “to a group of no more than ten persons for one hour every two weeks,” would withstand strict constitutional scrutiny as articulated by the Frisby decision.

We’ll keep you in the loop…

Want to weigh in between now and then? Here’s the contact info for West Deptford’s township committee.


7 thoughts on “UPDATE: Sweeney-inspired ordinance advances in West Deptford

  1. Just further proof that Sweeney the pig is a Swine and uses connections to get things for himself that are denied to the unconnected. Like any other pig he should be made to squeal and put out to pasture.

    So first Swiney the pig wants to take away your second amendment rights and now he wants to take away your first amendment rights. What next? He represents everything wrong with this country today and those in this screwed up town should be thankful that people can speak their mind. This is the type crap you would expect in Iran or North Korea not in the USA, but let’s all remember we are in the State of NEw Jermany where Trenton thrives on taking away rights from its citizens. Its a shame too many of the sheeple in NJ don’t see what is going on here. This is a total outrage. The goal of the protests is to educate and get people in the area to put pressure on the Swinester.

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