Small army of Sweeney recall activists launch petition drive in Washington Township

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Despite plenty of roadblocks including an attempt by West Deptford’s municipal government to outlaw its membership’s protests, the effort to recall Senate President Steve Sweeney forged ahead on Saturday as a crowd of 200+ pro-Second Amendment New Jersey residents gathered at the Washington Banquet & Catering ballroom in Turnersville (Washington Township) for a “Day of Action.”

Even a last minute venue change and ugly rainy weather didn’t seem to damper anyone’s enthusiasm, Save Jerseyans:

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13 thoughts on “Small army of Sweeney recall activists launch petition drive in Washington Township

  1. A lot of signatures were collected today but still more signatures are required so everyone can sign up to help collect more signatures. Even non residents can aid in the efforts but can’t actually go door to door. There is a six month deadline. If this is successful politics in NJ will be forever changed and this will create national news.

  2. The chances this will be successful are roughly equal to the chances Governor Christie will appoint me to the Port Authority, which is zero since I am now a North Carolina resident (we can own guns here). Anyone who thinks otherwise has not read the recall law or does not understand it.

    Then when it fails, Sweeney will claim he “crushed the gun lobby.” These folks mean well, but Sweeney’s using them as props.

  3. They have read the recall law and have consulted with the people who led the successful recall effort in Colorado. No one expected that to succeed either. Sweeney is not popular in his district. He only won by a few percent. He is a lot more vulnerable than most people realize.

  4. Orange prison garb appearance is to remind everyone that that is where we think Sweeney should be and not in the State House.

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