5 thoughts on “Christie talks GOP Debate, Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities with O’Reilly

  1. When Christie says he can’t do anything about Sanctuary Cities in NJ, he’s full of crap. He can tell Newark that the state will close the money spigot if they don’t enforce the laws. He can tell colleges that they will not a get dime of state money if they give in-state tuition rates to illegals. Instead, he does NOTHING!

  2. We’re also not “the bluest state in America.” 3 of our last 5 elected governors were Republicans who won 6 of the last 8 elections and Republicans earned 180,000 more votes than Democrats in the alst legislative elections. Dem;s do have a majority in the legislature, but that’s solely because of gerrymandering and the NJGOP’s shameful choice of a liberal college prof to be the deciding vote in the redistricting process 5 years ago.

  3. Chris Christie is a pragmatic middle-of-the-road common sense conservative who knows what it takes to get elected in a blue state like New Jersey. Like Chris Christie, all the other GOP governors Tom Kean and Christine Whitman were moderates. Never fear, Chris Christie will be the GOP nominee for POTUS after Trump implodes and Jeb Bush puts everyone else to sleep.

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