Iowa House Speaker endorses Christie

Iowa House Speaker endorses Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie will spend his Saturday in Des Moines, Save Jerseyans, working the Iowa State Fair and serving as honorary chef at the Iowa Pork Producers Tent (take that, Ray Lesniak).

kraig paulsenHe’ll be there riding the good feelings from the endorsement of Rep. Kraig Paulsen (R-Hiawatha), speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives.

“We need a leader in Washington who calls it exactly as he sees it, fights hard for our conservative principles and one who has a proven track record of success. Governor Christie has done this in New Jersey and will do it for our country as president of the United States,” wrote Speaker Paulsen in a De Moines Register Friday op-ed.

The RCP Iowa GOP caucus average places the Big Guy in 11th place at 2% and the most recent two surveys found him at only 1% all despite a lot of trips out there and a close relationship with the powerful incumbent Governor Terry Branstad.

Significant endorsements can matter more in caucus states for obvious reasons if, of course, the endorser commits to working for the endorsee. We shall see. Paulsen endorsed New Gingrich in 2012 and Gingrich finished in distant fourth place.


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  1. Being the RGA chair, explains the endorsement but does anyone think that this would qualify Christie to be President when his state is in such bad shape under his stewardship?

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