McGreevey, kicked out of community meeting, still hasn’t learned his lesson

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I know it’s not very nice to say so, Save Jerseyans, even microaggressive (!), but this video is pretty damn funny. On multiple levels:

The Jersey Journal has the full story here.

Don’t forget (please): this is the guy who allegedly resigned after, among other corrupt actions, paying $110,000 to a gentleman named Golan Cipel to work as a “homeland security adviser” all while the former governor was having an affair with him or sexually harassing him, depending upon whose narrative you believe.

Now Jersey City is paying him $110,000 – a little ironic, right? – to serve as executive director of the city’s employment and training program.

The common thread? Besides $110,000?

For all of his new-found piety, McGreevey is still a liberal who thinks he knows what’s best for everyone else. Rich white liberals continue to fail in their efforts to impose an earthly utopia at bayonet-point, but since the root of this impulse is an insufferable quotient of arrogance, they’ll also continue to blame everyone else for refusing to go along with the program. This attitude certainly didn’t help New Jersey’s employment prospects, nor my property taxes, during his gubernatorial tenure! And unlike him, when it was all over, no one offered you or me a six-figure government job.   


10 thoughts on “McGreevey, kicked out of community meeting, still hasn’t learned his lesson

  1. where does the state get $4.2 Million for this kind of project? I thought the state was broke. Bet there are plenty of other pet projects around wasting tax payer dollars going to the political elites.

  2. There is no way this person who admitted to so many things (including hiring an unqualified person her was personally involved with for homeland security to the tune of $110,000) should be on any public salary. There are many more qualified people without corrupt actions on their record more than qualified for a job like this.

  3. And knowing NOW how corrupt McGreedy was/is, I bet the idiots of this state will vote in Sweeny as our next Gov. even though we ALL know he’s worse than ANY and ALL other politicians on the East coast…

  4. I guess Matt Rooney thinks Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno are “rich white liberals”: Mayor Steve Fulop has made the city’s prisoner re-entry efforts a top priority, saying he wants the program to become a national model. After hiring McGreevey to run the program, his administration opened its headquarters, Martin’s Place, named after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., at the Hub shopping center. Gov. Chris Christie and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi attended the grand opening last year. Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno joins Democrats Mayor Steve Fulop and former Gov. Jim McGreevey to hail the impending opening of a new prisoner re-entry resource center to be located inside the old Sacred Heart Church on Bayview Avenue in Jersey City, on Tuesday, July 21, 2015. Here, McGreevey, at podium, hosts the event.

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