POLL: Sorry, Obama, but you wouldn’t win that 3rd term

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

President Obama recently joked (sorta?) that he could win a third term if he tried.

He’s dreaming.

barack obama state of the unionAccording to a new Monmouth University poll out today, only 26% of voters would vote for another term, including just %5 of Republicans, 23% of independents and 53% of Democrats; a full 68% of overall voters would vote for an alternative.  

“Well, it was worth a shot,” said Patrick Murray, Monmouth’s polling chief. “It’s not like the president’s claim could ever be tested for real.”

Well, that’s mostly true, unless a talented GOP presidential nominee can tie Hillary Clinton (justly, I might add) to the disastrous Obama years. TBD…

The same survey also found 41% believing that Iran got the better end of the White House-brokered nuclear proliferation deal. A meager 14% disagree.


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