Bergen Democrats’ minimum wage hypocrisy on full display in LD36

By Matthew Gilson | The Save Jersey Blog

Mondays can be a little harsh and humorless, Save Jerseyans, so if you need a little pick-me-up, please enjoy the Democrat Party’s latest hypocrisy courtesy of the LD36/Bergen County! 

Last month, the Bergen County Democratic ticket attended a rally in force for the “Fight for 15!” minimum wage hike movement because, as always, the economic health of the county is never their foremost concern:

bergen democrat
HYPOCRITES! Freeholders Voss, Tanelli, Ganz, Sullivan, Zur plus Asm. Eustace and, of course, former LG candidate Milly Silva join $15/hr activists in North Jersey.

But when it’s their own money? Liberals tend to get a little more stingy when they can’t use tax dollars to advance their political goals. You may recall how my fellow Save Jersey contributor Cody McLaughlin recently caught Working America, a union-affiliated $15/hr booster, advertising $12.25/hr jobs to its canvassers.

We found another example right at home in a significant Election 2015 battleground. In LD36, they’re apparently looking for staffers for their new southern headquarters, and what they describe as an exciting opportunity for employment doesn’t pay very well by their own promulgated standard: 

minimum wage flyer north arlington


Salary for this “exciting” job? $10 an hour.

Why is it that Democrats want to force Bergen County’s small business owners to pay their unskilled workers the arbitrary amount of $15? When Democrats pay their own unskilled workers only 2/3 of that amount?

If these guys were honest, Save Jerseyans, this would definitely be a great opportunity for them to dig deeper, pay better, and demonstrate how they’re genuinely devoted to “Fight for 15!” But they won’t because they’re not…

Vote accordingly in November!

5 thoughts on “Bergen Democrats’ minimum wage hypocrisy on full display in LD36

  1. This is the type of issue that supporters of the left can not seem to grasp. There is a “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality in many instances. The same with “tolerance”. They (the left) claim to be so tolerant, until “you” disagree with them. That can not be tolerated, you know. I read posts from both left and right and I have to say the inflexibility of the left is interesting to see. And I am fully aware that the Republicans are not perfect.

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