Assembly hopeful falls for Facebook hoax (and reminds us why Trenton is in crisis)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

After this June’s primary results were in and tabulated, Save Jerseyans, someone over at the campaign of Democrat Assembly nominee Angela McKnight of the deep-blue 31st legislative district took to Facebook and congratulated the victorious ticket with some awfully presumptive language:

We are proud to work with and for the 31st Legislative District Assemblyman elect Nicholas Chiaravalloti and Assemblywoman elect Angela V. McKnight! Thank you, We did it with YOU!”

General election? What general election?

Welcome to New Jersey legislative politics in 2015 where redistricting and Super PACs have removed any last vestige of actual democracy from the electoral process. The end result carries serious consequences for not just the quality of our elections but also the quality of the elected leaders who emerge from them.

Check out this latest Facebook post from the LD31 team, this time from McKnight’s running mate Nicholas Chiaravalloti

chiaravalloti hoax post

Yup, that’s right. A candidate that’s likely to join the State Assembly in January, craft (?) far-reaching legislation, pass judgment on momentous constitutional issues, and impact everything from your family’s property tax bill to your exercise of fundamental liberties fell for the 3-year old Rome Statute hoax.

Think I’m being a little harsh? Take another look at your property tax bill before you answer.

It’s not even necessarily a matter of intelligence; I saw at least one reputable lawyer share this stupid thing! And, apparently, this Hudson Democrat is a J.D., too. The primary concern here, I think, is hive mind. These troubled times require leaders, not sheep, but it’s a poorly kept secret that our best and brightest independent minds aren’t in Trenton by design (political machines can’t work if the cogs pursue their own ends).

We can’t expect, nor will we frankly deserve any improvement in the Garden State’s fortunes until we learn this lesson and start voting smarter. Want elected officials who do their due diligence? That starts with YOU doing your own!


2 thoughts on “Assembly hopeful falls for Facebook hoax (and reminds us why Trenton is in crisis)

  1. I think a Facebook posting has nothing to do with someones leadership qualities. I live in this district and have met Nick. He is well-spoken, versed on the issues, and pro-business growth.

    I think a better question would be on the GOP candidate here. Why is the GOP candidate taking direction from the far-left Democrats who lost brutally in the Democratic primary? Why is the GOP candidate anti-development, anti-Charter and anti-pension reform?

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