AFP-NJ opens new HQ with legislative entourage

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

You may’ve missed it, Save Jerseyans, but a national political heavyweight was in North Jersey on Tuesday night and many of Morris County’s GOP leaders turned out to say “hi.”

Americans for Prosperity Foundation President Tim Phillips helped open his organization’s first Garden State community center at 550 W. Main Street (nestled between Mountain Lakes and Boonton Township) flanked by Republican Senators Joseph Pennacchio and Anthony R. Bucco, Assemblymen Anthony M. Bucco, Michael Patrick Carroll and Jay Webber, Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus, Freeholders John Krickus and Douglas Cabana, County Clerk Ann Grossi, Boonton Mayor Cyril Wekilsky, and Mountain Lakes Mayor Doug McWilliams:

Three cheers! The doors to our new Community Center in Boonton are officially open!

Posted by AFP Foundation – New Jersey on Tuesday, October 6, 2015


4 thoughts on “AFP-NJ opens new HQ with legislative entourage

  1. I believe in the mission of AFP but to open a Head Quarters in Morris County which predominately Republican is not effective to expanding Conservatism or educating people on how the Free Market system, ” Capitalism ” has lead more people out of poverty then any Government program, they are all on board with this philosophy.

    A better more effective location would be where many working poor live or a County that is needing an extra boost to get over the hump in New Jersey. That would be bets for expanding the Republican party principles.
    Does anyone have a long term plan ?

  2. It encourages me to believe that you’ll go down with the ship when NJ founders. Those states more inclined to liberty and prosperity will do well without the likes of locusts such as you.

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