POLL: Should New Jersey legalize marijuana?

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In 2012, New Jersey’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened pursuant to the passage of a 2009 law but, then as now, despite having adopted a very nontraditional approach to drug treatment and quasi-decriminalization generally, Governor Chris Christie has adamantly refused to sign off on the legalization of recreational marijuana. 

Now the Senate Judiciary Committee is debating a bill (S1896) to do just that. 

Is Christie still right?

Or is it time to go the way of Colorado?

Vote below the fold, then go ahead and argue your position in the comments:


Legalizing Marijuana in New Jersey: YEA or NAY?

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6 thoughts on “POLL: Should New Jersey legalize marijuana?

  1. Let’s save time here: “Libertarian” potheads will cry “Hell Yeah…Freedom!” while they reach for their doobs and their bongs. The normal folks will say NO.

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