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  1. Whether conservatives want to realize it or not, New Jersey is a traditionally left of center state politically and the majority of republican voters in the state are socially liberal.

    Needless to say, the farther right you try to move the GOP in New Jersey, the closer you get to pushing it off a cliff.

  2. The first step- stop playing the political game. Tell the voters the truth without a slant , without an agenda, without bile. Repeal overreaching laws that the citizenry find oppressive. Seat belt laws for example. We all know this law is not about safety, it’s about revenue. Take the first step towards NOT being a politician and people will respond. Simple.

  3. They need to start calling the Democrats out for subsidizing poverty and using tax money to buy votes from the stupid/ignorant/oblivious. Call them out instead of trying to outdo them. We’ve been w8for that for 30 years and its going to have to get worse before they fix anything

  4. Corruption is wide spread throughout the STATE… Let alone DC…. This state will not change, when the entitlements continue to be handed out!! And the lobbyist and their cronies continue to have power and influence!! We need to bring back common sense. And the political correctness. Truth in journalism. And follow the Constitution the way it is written not the way that it has been interpreted and destroyed over the years!! AND HONEST politicians, that the legal voter put in there. They need do and vote what the PEOPLE want!!

  5. I attended public school in NJ, grades k-12. In grade school I had 25-30 kids in my class and just 1 teacher. Now we average at least 2 teachers per smaller class, which is reflected in school budgets multiple times higher which directly translates to seriously higher taxes. Combine that with community tax bases signficantly lower than in the 70’s/80’s (less homeowners who pay their real estate taxes) and you have real problems. The math is simple to understand, and any business who was in this position would have to consolidate and layoff or go bankrupt.

  6. The only time Republicans win in NJ is when there’s a moderate running (Donnie D, Whitman, Kean). Christie is perhaps the most conservative of all of our previous GOP governors. Lamentably, it seems like “contrast” is a losing strategy in Blue Jersey.

  7. The problem with the NJ GOP is that we no longer take bold conservative positions on anything. We talk only about convoluted tax reform and propose feel good legislation. While the other party is striping away the constitutional rights of our citizens and laughing about it. They are robbing the public blind to fill the coffers of union bosses who launder it back as campaign contributions and the public is asking for more! We are losing more people in this state to narcotics overdoses than to gun violence yet we roll over on the second amendment rights of our constituency? On the state level we have become a party that cares more about winning than standing on principle and therefore we have abandoned our base and left NJ to die!

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