For Star-Ledger, editorial balance is a cross too heavy to bear

Lenin reading newspaper (not today's New York Times opinion page, but he would've loved it)

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog

Once again, The Star-Ledger is over the top in its never-ending crusade to eliminate the private ownership of firearms, this time with a silly editorial on the cost of gun violence.

Hyperbolic bloody-shirt-waving statements like “serial slaughter created by gun users” and “blood money trail” are nothing more than incendiary emotional appeals that indict all gun owners as an equally culpable blight on humanity. What rubbish! The so-called “gun culture” defamed in the editorial is over one-third of American households.

What about the use of firearms for self-defense, which happens at least as often as the offensive use of them, per data developed for the federal government? And the growing number of America’s top cops – Washington, D.C., Detroit, King County (Seattle), WA – who favor citizens arming themselves to combat San Bernardino-style shootings?

Why not admit that New Jersey, with the most Draconian gun-control laws in America, is a cesspool of one-way gun violence where criminals do the shooting and defenseless citizens the dying?

Why not apologize for the racially-motivated persecution of Shaneen Allen, a black woman who mistakenly thought her Pennsylvania gun permit was valid in New Jersey?

Why not acknowledge America’s growing disenchantment with gun control, the sharp increase in women owning guns and the overall decline in gun violence over the past 20 years?

Or is editorial balance too heavy a cross to bear?


Scott St Clair
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  1. Allen’s prosecution was far from racially motivated. Doubt my comment? Think Brian Aitken! This state is leading the charge to central control of the people

  2. Allen’s prosecution was far from racially motivated! Doubt my comment? Remember Brian Aitken? Or how about the professor with the 300 year old flint lock pistol. This state is leading the charge to government control of your lives. Wake up New Jersey

  3. Blah blah blah…do what I did and move to Pennsylvania, a “shall issue” state where everyone is heavily armed and very few of the living are impolite – at least in the rural confines of Berks County.

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