OPINION: Christie Defines ‘Establishment Conservatism’ at Debate

OPINION: Christie Defines ‘Establishment Conservatism’ at Debate

By Daniel Horowitz | Cross-Posted via Conservative Review

For the most part, no new ground was plowed during last night’s Fox News commercial.  Most of the questions were rooted in the same typical media premises, focused on the same issue set we’ve heard about in previous debates.  The debate will likely reinforce any preconceived support for or opposition to each candidate among respective fans and enemies.  And despite the group think among the pundits on how this was a more “substantive” debate than any previous one because of Trump’s absence, it is hard to say this was a more serious debate than the Fox Business event a few weeks ago.

Republicans will spend months distracting attention with an infinitesimal legislative accomplishment and then, with the bat of an eyelash, they will pass legislation that increases spending by billions.

With that said, there was one very important question asked by Bret Baier that was completely overlooked in the hyper-focus on the horse-race politics among the frontrunners.  It was an effective question posed to Chris Christie that reveals everything you need to know about the GOP establishment…

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