UPDATE: Christie apologizes to North Wildwood’s mayor, pivots to A.C. takeover deal

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Politically-speaking, the best way to deal with a mistake is to (1) apologize and then (2) focus on different, “positive” news. So that’s what Governor Chris Christie did today in a surprise swing through Trenton:

I put “positive” in quotes for a reason. Back to that in a second.

Firs the good news: Mayor Patrick Rosenello told 98.7 The Coast on Tuesday that Christie had called him to apologize for calling him crazy without any basis whatsoever over this weekend’s historic flooding “mop” comment

“I do want to say I received a call from Governor Christie this morning — just a few minutes ago, actually,” Rosenello said. “He apologized to me. He also asked me to apologize to the first responders and the residents and the the business owners. I think he recognizes that he misspoke, and he did.”

That was the right thing to do.

Handing Atlantic City’s finances over to the state that can’t handle its own finances? We will see. Frankly, Save Jerseyans, I’d trust a bankruptcy judge over almost anyone calling the shots in Trenton. Handing Atlantic City’s books over to Trenton is kind of like putting a jewel thief in charge of a jewelry store! Don’t want to take my word for it? Ask Moody’s.

But Governor Christie, standing with Democrat Senate President Steve Sweeney and Republican Mayor Don Guardian, took a surprise break from the New Hampshire campaign trail and announced pending bipartisan legislation today to take control of the struggling resort’s finances, a move which, I’ll hope and pray despite my better sense and numerous reservations, won’t repeat the mistakes that we saw the state make when it took over Camden and failed spectacularly

“If we can’t fix it in five years, we have a problem,” Sweeney told reporters.

Why don’t I feel better?


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  1. Rullo for Governor 2017 blasts Governor Christie for
    abandoning flooded Southern NJ for New Hampshire!
    Joseph Rudy Rullo blasted Governor Christie for abandoning South Jersey to return to New Hampshire before he spent time accessing the devastating flooding in South Jersey.
    “I was with him against the critics when he first returned to do his job for the snow storm. It is unconscionable the Governor ran away to New Hampshire like an impatient child who is missing something when parts of South Jersey are flooded. He should have waited out the last high tide, and visited the devastated areas.” Rullo stated.

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