Booker in Iowa: Hillary “most qualified person since George Washington”

Booker in Iowa: Hillary “most qualified person since George Washington”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I get it. Saying excessively nice things about old people is polite (and expected – especially in the political context). Trent Lott wasn’t endorsing segregation when he said the country would’ve been better off with President Strom Thurmond.

I’d like to think Cory Booker (D-Twitter) was similarly less-than-serious during his weekend swing through Iowa for the Hillary Clinton campaign:

That’s right! Cory Booker just compared the Father of our country to the Mother of server-wiping. You can’t make this shit up. I guess it’s desperation time with Bernie Sanders leading the two most recent polls in Iowa (which votes in a little over two weeks)… and if you’re also vying for a vice presidential spot…

Here’s more from his campaign swing:


48 thoughts on “Booker in Iowa: Hillary “most qualified person since George Washington”

  1. So I guess by that statement he thinks the south should have been allowed to keep blacks as slaves then, since he didn’t mention Abe Lincoln. Also – he must think Hillary is better than Obama and that Obama really wasn’t that qualified.

  2. One thing we know for a fact Cory Booker is so full of s*** his f****** teeth are floating when that son of a b**** dies they going to give him an enema and bury him in a shoebox that mother f***** she’s the most qualified presidents in Washington what an a****** you see the stupid s*** that the Dems come up with

  3. Maybe if we had run a Republican w a pulse in 2014 we could have won! Every Democrat in office in New Jersey outside of the heavily urban areas is the fault of the inept NJGOP.

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