Cory Booker epitomizes the stunning ignorance that makes debating guns impossible

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Chris Christie elicited some jeers from the talking heads over the weekend for suggesting that America’s “mass shooting” problem is fundamentally a mental health problem and not a gun problem, Save Jerseyans.

Why that’s a controversial pronouncement when each and every one of these murderous rampages occurs (1) in a gun free zone and (2) at the hands of someone everyone already knew was bat shit crazy is explainable only by turning to the recent comments of another famous New Jersey politician…

I’d like to see that study, folks, since those with active domestic violence restraining or protective orders in place against them already can’t own guns under both federal and New Jersey state law.

And while we’re on the subject, I’d also like to know if Senator Booker is aware that one of his constituents – Carol Bowne – was recently murdered in cold blood by her psycho ex-boyfriend despite having an active retraining order in place against him… while she waited, in vain, for the state to process her handgun application…

So yeah, it’s safe to conclude that Newark’s worst modern mayor (which is really saying something) isn’t any better at his current job in the U.S. Senate. He doesn’t know ANYTHING about gun laws, or how they’re affecting his home state’s citizens, but he nevertheless feels perfectly comfortable tweeting in judgment on them without fear of retribution from a fawning media.

Herein lies one of the fatal flaws with the great gun debate. I’m talking to the liberals and centrists of good will out there. Tell me: how can reasonable people constructively debate such a weighty issue when one side is either too dishonest or yes, ignorant, to advance an informed dialogue?

Regardless of where you come down on the “gun issue,” I hope we can agree that U.S. senators should KNOW the state of law before suggesting changes to it? Let alone blaming alleged gaps in the law (which don’t exist) for mass shootings? Cory Booker is a special kind of stupid; he degrades the entire process, and it’s people like him who make it impossible to have an intelligent, rational discussion on Second Amendment issues and violence generally…


Matt Rooney
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  1. The WSJ recently published a study which shows that over two thirds of all shootings, murders, and gun violence takes place in the 5 inner city slums controlled by Democrats in the People’s Republic of New Jermany (aka NJ) even though those places represent just under 10% of the population. Think about that for a moment, 10% of the people commit 66% of the gun violence. How about we do something about that 10% of the population. Maybe just maybe some tougher law ENFORCMENET in those Demotard zones would fix the problem in NJ

  2. Listen to Senator Booker describe the existence of a gun – a violation of gun laws – as an inconsequential complication stacking a “small” drug charge into a crime that suddenly carried an incomprehensibly drastic penalty.

    Booker explains, “he had a gun, but didn’t use it” – and he thinks the gun crime becomes insignificant because it wasn’t “gun violence’.

    Here’s an example of a case where gun crime was properly adudicated, and we’re told ist a symptom of a system out of control.

    I have two conclusions – one, that gun laws are not adequately prosecuted and used for the reasons they are crafted and
    two, that most gun laws and the ones that are contemplated, do more to frustrate the proper operation of the justice department, proper allocation of law enforcement resources and the peaceful lives of law abiding citizens than they do to reduce the violence that is currently sweeping our streets.

    Booker’s point? Unreasonably harsh punishments associated with gun crimes don’t deter the crimes and result in prisons clogged with people unfairly incarcerated.

    Add that to the fact that gun laws only deter the law abiding, and you have both sides of the aisle making the same point.

    More laws are not the answer. Better administration would do more to solve all the problems than additional layers of laws to further complicate a system, described by Booker as “out of control”.

    Good Job, Senator!

  3. Black lives don’t matter to liberals when it is black gang members killing other black people in crime ridden cities. Don’t forget that the failed “war on drugs” keeps profits high for the drug gangs so they can buy guns and they are motivated to use violence to protect their drug profits.

  4. *gasping and wheezing from all the laughing*

    Here in the Keystone State you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who either owns firearms or has one on his or her person.

    YOU elected him, New Jerseyans. Now embrace the suck and choke to death on it.

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