South Carolina already regulated guns in church. So how will more gun control help, Mr. President?

South Carolina already regulated guns in church. So how will more gun control help, Mr. President?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Once again, Save Jerseyans, we’ve seen a monster commit mass murder in ideal liberal conditions, a fact that makes President Barack Obama‘s call for more gun control in the wake of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shooting even more ridiculous, unproductive and frankly insulting to this country’s collective intelligence.

Obama wouldn’t pitch a specific policy because, paraphrasing, “this is a time for mourning.” Perhaps the real reason is that he knows, deep down inside, that gun control didn’t help here?

Dylann Roof
Dylann Roof

You won’t learn this from watching the exhaustive wall-to-wall network coverage, but South Carolina law (S.C. Code Ann.§ 23-31-215) already prohibits concealed weapon permit holders from carrying their weapons into houses of worship unless the permit holder receives “express permission by the appropriate church official.” And how many congregants, exactly, do you think are going to initiate THAT conversation with their priest, pastor or rabbi?

Consequently, I invite POTUS and his reactionary, manipulative ideological kin to explain to me how the alleged killer, 21-year old Dylann Roof, still managed to gun down nine innocents at a Wednesday evening Bible study session with a .45-caliber pistol. Any takers?

After all, most South Carolina churches are de facto gun free zones! Right? The entire premise of gun control is that you can CONTROL bad/crazy people’s behavior by disarming non-bad/crazy people who, because they’re not bad/crazy, are going to actually follow the gun free zone law… unlike the bad/crazy people.

How’s that working out? Mass shooting almost always occur in gun control environments. You don’t even need to visit South Carolina for proof of this ideology’s failure. Ask a family member or friend of South Jersey’s recently-deceased daughter Carol Bowne.

There are really two culprits here. These are early hours in the Charleston investigation, but what it looks like we’re dealing with is yet another nut job (who had a long history of nutty/criminal behavior) whom our Nanny State Government did nothing meaningful to address, e.g. initiate a serious overhaul of the policies responsible for our nation’s decades-in-the-making mental health crisis, or move to expand concealed carry rights to the good guys. I’m wrong? Okay; then explain how a legitimate solution for such a feckless and downright screwed up system involves making it harder for the rest of us to pick up the slack and defend ourselves, our neighbors and… our congregations?

Is there anyone out there who thinks an OUTRIGHT prohibition on carrying guns into churches would’ve made the allegedly-nutty shooter in this case say, “Eh, ya know what, I’m a homicidal racist asshole but hey, the law is the law!” and volunteer at a soup kitchen instead???

Grow up.

Sometimes, there isn’t even anything to do in situations like this. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and the occasional crazy are not controllable by society (Al Gore would disagree with points #1 and 2 but whatever, he’s a moron). Big Government types don’t want to believe they can’t forge a utopia through legislative force of will but it’s true. What’s clear? Gun control NEVER works and, more often than not, invites disaster.

So if the anti-2A reactionaries are ready to admit that their true aim is mass disarmament and the repeal of the Second Amendment, then fine: I invite them to put their cards on the table and we can finally have a free and fair debate. Let the people decide.

If not? They’re going to need to explain to me – and their consciences – why gun control didn’t work when another wolf reigned terror on another defenseless flock.


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  1. The number one issue the NRA needs to work on is mental health issues. That should be their #1 priority. Guns are fine. Crazy people with guns are a problem. Not just related to guns, but mental health care in America is lacking.

  2. No more defenseless victims. No more gun free zones. It is time to reform gun laws to allow any responsible adult to carry a handgun for self defense where ever and when ever they feel the need.

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